Tamara Röske
Diversity Shooting mit der erfolgreichen Schauspielerin

Tamara Röske is a successful model and actress - with Down syndrome. She was discovered as a model in 2010 and has since appeared in front of the camera for well-known fashion labels, magazines and film and television productions. Photographer Yvonne Sophie Thöne, who has often accompanied Tamara on her exciting journey, recently approached us with the idea for a great awareness styled shoot:

"Our society has always been diverse. In recent years, advertising, the fashion industry and other media have finally dared to show more and more diversity. Models of color and curvy models are seen more often (but are still far from being a matter of course). But what about models with disabilities? They appear much less frequently. People with disabilities also fall in love, get into relationships, make plans for the future - and yes, they also get married."

We were delighted to support Tamara and Yvonne Sophie's campaign for greater acceptance of people with disabilities, female empowerment and more diversity in the form of a charming bridal fashion shoot ♥