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The handmade makeshift masks are not medically certified, so they are not a medical product like a professional protective mask of type FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3.

But even a simple mouth and nose cover like ours can deter some of the infectious virus droplets and thus minimize the risk of infection, if you yourself are unknowingly infected with Covid-19.

Important: however, an everyday mask does not replace the most important rules of conduct such as regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing in the crook of the arm, keeping distance in public and social Distancing.

Virae and bacteria are killed at a temperature of 60°. The facial masks are washable up to 90° from boiling-resistant material, rendering safe and do not dye. Thus, the face cover is reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You should wash your mouth and nose mask regularly and change it. We therefore recommend that you and your family be equipped with at least two masks per person, so that you can change the remedy masks easily.

As masks are being introduced in more and more federal states in Germany, or at least it is recommended to cover the mouth and nose in public spaces, public transport and shops, everyone should wear a masking mask outside their own four walls.

Especially in spring or summer, a short mask is more pleasant and airy to wear than a scarf or a scarf, moreover, handkerchiefs usually sit more firmly on the face.

The regulations for children vary depending on the federal state, but also for small children you can order handmade masks from noni in either light grey, white or black online.

The facial mask can be cooked up to 90°, as both the rubber band and the fabrics used are boiled. From a washing temperature of 60° all viruses and bacteria are already killed and the mask is sterilized.

The most important thing is to wash the mask by hand with some soap or detergent, then put it in a pot in previously boiling water and ca. 10 min to leave in it.

If you prefer to clean your mask in the washing machine, please do not use the Eco program, as this does not reach as high temperatures as needed. We recommend a fine-pored laundry network for machine washing. Without this, both the rubber and the tip can be damaged. Masks with nose irons should be pushed out of the tunnel seam for the laundry.

After the laundry, you can also iron your mask, as the high temperatures with the iron also kill viruses.
Please do not use chemical disinfectants for cleaning and sterilizing!

An everyday mask with wire offers a slightly more stable hold and adapts better to your face and nose shape and prevents the mask from slipping.

If you have opted for a mask with stainless steel nose straps, please note that the strap can break due to frequent bending to and fro. So please try to avoid this and store your mask as gently and flat as possible.

In order to protect the handle, we also recommend that it be pushed out of the tunnel seam before each wash and then reinstalled.