Boho Rhinestone Hairband Boho Rhinestone Hairband

Boho Rhinestone Hairband

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Bridal hair band in leaves design Bridal hair band in leaves design

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the tiaras in the noni online shop, you usually have several options: Wear the bridal tiara as a headband or hairband. Either the tiara is tied in the back of the head with a ribbon or the headpiece is fixed with small combs on the left and right side.

All headpieces can be worn with both long and short hair - it is also entirely up to you whether you combine your hairband or tiara with your hair open, with a bun or with another updo.

Your wedding dress surely remains the highlight of your outfit. However, you can add small details with matching hair accessories and accentuate or complement the style of your dress.

A dress in boho style can be perfectly complemented by a tiara with small beads or rhinestones, making it appear even more glamorous.

In Clean Chic, you can create surprising features with an eye-catching tiara, for example with colourful gems or beads.