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      Airy sandals and sandal heels are the perfect companions for an upcoming summer wedding.
      With their flat heels and open finish, sandals invite you to move freely at the ceremony. Also ideal as a second shoe. Crystal-studded straps, elaborate pearl ornaments and floral elements enhance flat bridal shoes.
      Sandal heels are open shoes with a high heel. Choose a wedge heel or block heel for celebrations on meadows and sand to not sink into the ground. Stiletto heels or high heels with silk ribbons create a particularly feminine bridal look.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Please note: All items must be returned in perfect condition, including all original packaging, and shoes must have the protective plastic film on both soles. Of course you can return all items of your order. If you are not sure about a size or a model, you can obviously order several models. When you try on the  shoes you have ordered at home, please consider: only try on the shoes on a carpet! Wooden or stone floors can easily scratch the noble soles. If you do not have a carpet at home you can use a blanket or a towel to try on the shoes. Please repack the shoes carefully and make sure that the heel of one shoe does not press on the leather of the other one. Every pair bridal shoes has a thin protective plastic film on the soles. This film protects the sole only from light stress when trying on the shoes on a carpet. If you have chosen the right shoe for you can remove the film. Usually you can find the end of the foil at the heel of your shoe and can easily remove it -- but only if you are sure that you want to keep the shoe! Please use the shipping box that your order was delivered in or another sturdy box for the return. Do not use the shoe box itself as the shipping box!

      The importance of choosing the right wedding shoes

      Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day is crucial for several reasons. Here are some aspects that underline its importance:

      - Comfort: The wedding day is often a long day with lots of activities, such as standing during the ceremony, posing for photos and dancing at the reception. Comfortable shoes are therefore essential to avoid pain and blisters and to be able to enjoy the day to the fullest!
      - Style and aesthetics: The shoes contribute significantly to the overall look of your bridal outfit. They should match the wedding dress and the theme of the wedding. Whether classically elegant, modern or unusual - the shoes complement the appearance and can set a special accent.
      - Self-confidence: Comfortable and well-fitting shoes contribute to the bride's self-confidence. If you, the bride, feel comfortable in your shoes, you will automatically move more naturally and confidently, which has a positive effect on your charisma and posture.
      - Practicality: It is important that your shoes are practical. This might mean they're weatherproof, especially if the wedding is outdoors, or they have a sturdy heel that's suitable for uneven surfaces.
      - Memories: Wedding photos and videos capture every detail of the day, including the shoes. A beautiful pair of shoes can be a special detail that stands out in those memories.
      - Replacements: Some brides choose to have two pairs of shoes - a dressy pair for the ceremony and official photos, and a more comfortable pair for the reception and dancing. This ensures she starts in style and ends in comfort.

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      Bridal sandals

      Sandals are a type of women's footwear characterized by their open structure and strappy design. They are a lightweight and elegant choice, ideal for warm weather. Sandals and heeled sandals vary in style and heel height, from flat to high, and can be made of different materials such as leather, fabric or synthetic materials.

      Heeled sandals have established themselves as a popular choice for bridal footwear, and this is for several reasons:

      - Comfort and ventilation: The open structure of heeled sandals ensures good ventilation of the feet, which is especially appreciated for weddings in summer or warm climates. This helps to avoid sweating and discomfort and ensures a comfortable feel throughout the day.
      - Elegance and style: Heeled sandals offer a wide range of designs, from simple and elegant to glamorous and eye-catching. They can be embellished with pearls, rhinestones or lace to add a touch of glamour to the wedding outfit. This versatility allows brides to find a pair that perfectly matches their dress and personal style.
      - Versatility: Heeled sandals can be worn with both long and short wedding dresses. They complement a variety of styles, from boho and vintage to classic, simple and modern. This versatility makes them a flexible choice for different wedding themes and locations.
      - Freedom of movement: With their open sides and lightweight construction, heeled sandals offer greater freedom of movement. This is especially beneficial when dancing and walking on different surfaces, such as garden or beach weddings.
      - Colour options: Heeled sandals come in many colours, making it easier to find a pair that matches the wedding dress or accessories exactly. In addition to classic white and cream tones, there are also options in pastel or metallic tones that can add special accents.

      Heeled sandals are an excellent choice for bridal shoes due to their combination of comfort, style and versatility. They offer brides the opportunity to spend the entire day in comfort and style without sacrificing elegance.

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      Bridal sandals: styles & designs

      Flat bridal shoes are a popular choice for brides for several reasons:

      A main reason brides choose flat shoes is, as mentioned above, comfort. Weddings can be long and tiring, with hours of standing, walking and dancing.

      Flat wedding shoes offer better stability and balance, especially for brides who don't typically wear high heels. This can help prevent accidents or falls, especially on uneven terrain or on the dance floor.

      Comfortable dancing and freedom of movement: Brides who enjoy dancing appreciate flat shoes as they allow dancing without discomfort or pain. You can let off steam without restrictions on the dance floor. Flat shoes also promote more natural movement and easier walking.

      Versatility: Flat bridal shoes are versatile and match different wedding styles and wedding dresses. They are available in a wide range of designs, materials and colors so that the bride can make the perfect choice. They can have decorative details, embellishments and accents that match the wedding outfit and complement the bride's personal style.

      Feet Health: For brides who already have foot problems, such as flat feet or heel spurs, flat shoes are often a healthier choice because they reduce stress on the feet.

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      Pros & cons regarding different materials

      The advantages of leather bridal sandals:

      - Durability: Leather is known for its durability and robustness. It often lasts longer than other materials and can be worn after the wedding.

      - Comfort: Leather adapts well to the shape of the foot and is very comfortable to wear. It is breathable and can help reduce sweat and blisters.

      - Luxury and quality: Leather gives a high-quality and luxurious impression. It looks elegant and is often associated with high-quality bridal shoes.

      The disadvantages of leather sandals for weddings:

      - Price: Leather is usually more expensive than synthetic materials or fabrics such as satin.

      - Maintenance: Leather requires regular care to maintain its appearance and durability. It can be damaged by moisture or scratches.

      - Ethics: Some brides prefer not to use animal products for ethical or environmentally conscious reasons and therefore choose alternatives to leather.

      The advantages of satin bridal sandals:

      - Elegance: Satin has a shiny, soft surface that looks very elegant and festive. It goes well with wedding dresses and gives the shoes a luxurious look.
      - Variety: Satin shoes come in many colors and designs, making them a versatile option.
      - Softness: Satin is pleasantly soft and offers great comfort as long as the shoes are well-padded.

      The disadvantages of bridal sandals with satin:

      - Maintenance: Satin is quite sensitive to dirt and stains. It can be difficult to remove stains and the fabric can be easily damaged.
      - Durability: Satin is not as durable as leather and can wear out quickly with heavy use or bad weather conditions.
      - Comfort: Satin itself does not offer much support or cushioning, so comfort depends a lot on the shoe construction.

      Sandals made from synthetic materials:

      - Cost: Synthetic materials are often less expensive than leather or satin, making them a budget-friendly option.
      - Easy to maintain: They are often easier to maintain and more resistant to stains and moisture. Shoes made from synthetic materials are easy to clean and require little to no special maintenance.
      - Versatility: Synthetic materials can be made in a variety of colors and textures, thus offering many design possibilities.
      - Comfort: Synthetic materials are often less breathable and can be less comfortable, especially with extended wear.
      - Durability: They are often less durable than leather and can wear out more quickly.
      - Appearance: Synthetic materials can appear less high-quality and not offer the same luxurious look as leather or satin.

      The choice of material for bridal sandals depends on the wearer's individual priorities. Leather offers durability and comfort, but is more expensive and requires more maintenance. Satin offers elegance and softness, but requires careful care and is less durable. Synthetic materials are budget-friendly and easy to maintain, but may offer less comfort and durability. Each bride should make her decision based on her budget, style, and comfort needs.

      Finding the ideal height

      The ideal heel height for bridal sandals depends on several factors, including personal comfort level, the style of the wedding dress, the wedding venue and the activities planned during the day. Here are some guidelines to help you decide:

      Personal comfort
      - Getting used to them: If you don't normally wear high heels, it might be a good idea to choose mid-height or flat sandals to avoid discomfort.
      - Test run: Wear the sandals at home or on short walks before the wedding to make sure they are comfortable and don't cause blisters.

      Style of the wedding dress
      - Length of the dress: The heel height should be chosen so that your wedding dress falls well. For long dresses, the sandals should lift the hem slightly so you don't step on them or get tangled.
      - Design of the dress: A very formal or glamorous dress will often work well with higher heels, while a more casual or boho-inspired dress will work well with flatter heels.

      Wedding Venue
      - Outdoor vs. Indoor: For outdoor weddings on grass, sand, or cobblestones, flat sandals or those with wide, stable heels are often more practical. For indoor events, higher heels are usually less of a problem.
      - Terrain: Consider how much walking or standing you will be doing. For weddings that involve a lot of movement or uneven ground, lower or wider heels are recommended.

      Activities of the day
      - Dancing and partying: If you plan on doing a lot of dancing, make sure the sandals not only look chic, but are comfortable enough to move around in.
      - Photos and ceremony: You can wear higher heels during the ceremony and official photos, then switch to flatter or more comfortable shoes for the reception.

      Recommended heel heights
      - Flat (0-3 cm): Perfect for brides who want maximum comfort and stability. Ideal for beach or garden weddings.
      - Mid-height (5-7 cm): A good balance between style and comfort. Suitable for most wedding venues and offers an elegant silhouette without compromising too much on comfort.
      - High (8cm and above): Ideal for brides who want a glamorous appearance and are used to wearing high heels. Best for shorter periods of time or in combination with a change to more comfortable shoes for later in the day.

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      Embellishments & special features

      Bridal sandals with decorative elements such as pearls, rhinestones and embroidery offer a variety of styles, from classically elegant to glamorous and romantic. They allow me to combine them with the chosen bridal outfit according to my own taste. They look particularly beautiful on short to calf-length wedding dresses; however, if they flash on long wedding dresses, they serve as a small eye-catcher with a surprise effect.

      Additional options such as non-slip soles, adjustable straps and padded insoles greatly improve comfort and functionality, so that you can walk comfortably and safely all day long. These features allow you to find a pair of sandals that meet both your aesthetic requirements and your practical needs.

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