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      Find your bridesmaid dress in noni online store. Being invited as a bridesmaid or maid of honor to the wedding of a dear friend is always something very special. After all, the bride shows you that you mean a lot to her and that she wants to have you as a close confidant at her side on her big day.

      The first rule for the choice of your bridesmaid dress or your festive outfit as maid of honor and all other (female) wedding guests: Do not steal the show from the bride and her dress. Because on this day she is clearly the center of attention. Of course, your outfit can still be elegant and feminine, after all, a wedding is always a welcome occasion to dress up. The bridesmaid dress is based on the bride's look - not the other way around. Ideally, the bride has already found her dream dress for the wedding or even wants a uniform look for her bridesmaids.

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      Dresses for Bridesmaid

      If the bridesmaids at a wedding all wear the same dress, they look like one at first glance. But bridesmaid dresses in the same color family also show the bond between each other and with the bride. The skirt lengths or cuts of the formal evening dresses can also be different.

      Not all bridesmaids have the same taste, and not every cut or color suits everyone equally well. The main thing is that every bridesmaid feels comfortable in her dress and that a harmonious overall picture emerges. Discuss things among yourselves, go dress hunting together or sit down with the bride for a brainstorming session. Consider the theme of the wedding, if there is one, the color and style of the wedding dress - the bridal bouquet can also play a role in choosing your dresses!

      Which accessories go best with bridesmaid dresses?

      Accessories for bridesmaids should not only match their own outfit, but should also, if possible, be coordinated with the bride's look. For example, if the bride is wearing a pretty flower wreath, the bridesmaids can wear matching hair accessories in a different color or a simpler design. In the noni online shop you will find a large selection of flower wreaths, headbands, hairpins and hair combs that not only go well with the bride's hairstyle, but can also be worn by wedding guests and later in everyday life.

      Your necklaces, bracelets or earrings should not be too opulent so as not to distract from the bride, but the jewelry should of course underline your personal style. Pretty bracelets or necklaces are small, subtle eye-catchers that always give a look that certain something.

      Which colours to choose for bridesmaid dresses?

      As a rule, you're better off with less conspicuous bridesmaid dresses in subtle colours. You should avoid white, ivory, and cream tones, which are traditionally reserved for the bride.

      Delicate pastel tones are still particularly popular for maid of honor or bridesmaids. Dresses in blush, sage, or violet give the look a romantic touch. Dark tones such as navy blue or fir green look particularly elegant and can be worn both at festive, opulent weddings and at mostly simpler registry office weddings.

      If in doubt, you should briefly discuss your preferred colour with the bride to be on the safe side. Many brides already have specific ideas or wishes about their bridesmaids' look, so you can get advice and inspiration together and coordinate clothing and accessories.

      Who pays for bridesmaid dresses?

      One question that cannot be answered in general terms is who pays for the bridesmaids' dress, as there is no rule here.

      Depending on how much of the wedding budget is available or whether the bride has very specific ideas about the look of her bridesmaids, the bride and groom may pay for the outfit and accessories such as hair accessories or flower bouquets. This is especially true if the bride wants a clear dress code for her friends. The costs involved should then be discussed with the bridesmaids in advance. In most cases, however, it is usual for the bridesmaids to pay for their own dress.

      To avoid unpleasant situations or misunderstandings, this should definitely be discussed and clarified in advance.

      Which length is suitable for bridesmaid dresses?

      The length of the dress is often based on the style of the wedding and the bride's ideas. If a glamorous, opulent celebration is being held, you generally can't go wrong with a floor-length dress.
      Bridesmaid dresses in a feminine midi length are a good choice for both formal and more casual, less informal celebrations. Calf-length dresses and skirts are timelessly elegant, provide sufficient airiness and freedom of movement and suit every figure.
      Knee-length dresses are of course also allowed, but if you are considering a short miniskirt or even a super-skinny micro-mini, it is best to discuss this with the bride in advance.

      At many weddings, bridesmaids wear knee-length dresses as a nice contrast to the floor-length wedding dress, which also show off the shoes beautifully.