noni Wedding Dress Collection 2023


      noni wedding dresses are made in Germany ♥ Produced sustainably under fair conditions

      The noni bridal collection 2023 is here! Find the perfectly suitable outfit for you. Choose from exciting new cuts combined with enchanting lace patterns, romantic and playful pieces as well as clean tops in vintage style. Pair them with new skirts in trendy tiered designs, with flounces or leg slits. New short skirts and elegant trousers accompany you to your registry office wedding. Capes and original arm sleeves complete the look.

      Frequently asked questions

      If you don't have the opportunity to tell uspersonal wedding dress advice to visit in Cologne or rather spontaneously marrying and have little lead time, it is a good place to order your wedding dress online.

      All our outfits are well suited for aWedding dress online purchase, because of thetheir fitAndDimensionsare usually only small adjustments necessary, which you can have done by a good change cutter of your trust. Our two-piece also is very flexible in fit and can be ordered online without any problems.

      Of course, you have a 14-day return policy, so that you can also order several parts to choose from and select them at rest.

      All important information about wedding dress online purchase we have in a small contributionHeresummarized for you.

      If you have any questionswe are happy to help you

      Mix and Match is a popular fashion trend where there are no limits to your imagination and creativity and can be easily implemented even at the wedding: you can create an outfit made of different components Individually Assemble. From a Bridal top and a Bridal skirt in no time you conjure up a dreamlike Wedding dress second-piece and are so flexible in styling.

      Allowed is what pleases: Material, length, layer and pattern mixes are cool and original, colour contrasts and style breaks provide a fresh look.