Maternity Wedding Dresses

      If you are expecting a baby and would like to get married in a noni wedding dress, our two-piece bridal fashion is particularly suitable. Your maternity wedding dress consists of a skirt and a bodice. The skirt of pregnant brides does not sit on the waist as usual, but under the breast. This way your baby bump has enough space. To make your look perfect, you will find many beautiful, well-tailored tops that allow maximum freedom of movement and also look fantastic. Simple crop tops are great as underwear tops because they end above the stomach.

      Please note: Even if you are pregnant, you should order your favorite combination early on and plan subsequent or short-term adjustments with your trusted tailor.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      For pregnant brides, there are a variety of wedding dresses that are both elegant and comfortable. Here are some recommended options: 1. empire style wedding dress: these dresses have a high waistline that is set just below the bust and then falls loosely over the belly. They provide plenty of room for the growing baby bump while being flattering. 2. A-line maternity dress: an A-line dress has a slim fit in the upper part and falls loosely over the belly from the waist. This cut provides comfort and a beautiful silhouette. 3. Two-piece wedding dresses: are versatile yet elegant. The bridal skirt is made of elastic lining and waistband for the pregnant bride and the top falls loosely to the waist.
      Yes, there are certain features that should be considered in wedding dresses for pregnant brides to ensure comfort and style: 1. stretchy fabrics: Choose a wedding dress made of stretchy materials like stretchy lace fabric or jersey that can adjust to your growing belly. 2. Flexibility in fit: maternity wedding dresses with adjustable closures or laces or an open back give you the maximum freedom of movement. 3. extra length: take into account that your belly can lift the hem of the dress to the front. Therefore, choose a bridal skirt with extra length to make sure it fits properly on your wedding day.
      Since we make many models for you only on order, plan a lead time of at least 4 months in your wedding dress search. Most likely you will need some minor alterations at the tailor's shop of your choice, so that your wedding outfit fits perfectly on your baby bump on the day of the wedding.

      Maternity wedding dresses

      When choosing your noni maternity wedding dress, you can wear many of our regular bridal tops thanks to the variable mix & match design of our wedding dresses. They have a short cut and are partly open in the back area. Our special maternity bridal skirts also offer a high level of comfort. The elastic material gently covers your baby bump without constricting and gives you an elegant look. So if you get married while pregnant, you will shine beautifully on your wedding day.

      How to buy your maternity wedding dress online

      If you live further away and are unable to visit us in person in the noni showroom in Cologne for wedding dress advice, you can also conveniently order your maternity wedding dress online to your home. To determine the optimal size for your wedding outfit, you can first measure yourself and your baby bump: the measurements of your stomach circumference now replace your usual hip measurement, the measurement under the bust corresponds to the waist measurement, so that you can choose your skirt using our size chart.

      You will most likely have to have minor adjustments made at a tailor shop you trust, as your body will continue to change during pregnancy, but this is usually not a problem. Important: You should make sure that any changes and adjustments are made at the tailor to have it done as quickly as possible before your wedding date. If you have a small baby bump or are not that late in your pregnancy on your wedding date, we recommend ordering your top one size larger.

      Be sure to book a free video consultation appointment for your wedding dress purchase - our experts will be there to help and advise you. Together you will find the right models and combinations that are ideal as a wedding dress for pregnant women.

      Ideal maternity wedding dress styles

      Depending on your expected delivery and wedding date, the physical change also brings with it a different decision when choosing the right maternity wedding dress.

      If you're getting married in the first trimester of your pregnancy, when you're just starting to notice your growing baby bump, you can choose a dress that flatters your figure while allowing enough room for growth. A-line wedding dresses and skirts whose waist line you can wear a little higher - similar to an empire line dress - are popular models that subtly emphasize your baby bump.

      In the second and third trimesters, when your baby bump becomes more noticeable, it's important to find a wedding dress that has enough room for your growing waist. Our skirts made from soft, stretchy fabrics, specially developed for the pregnant bride, are ideal for comfortably covering your growing baby bump.

      Light colors other than white are also a great choice for brides who feel dressed up in a white dress or are getting married for the second time.

      Suitable materials for maternity wedding dresses

      We have created a comfortable maternity skirt specifically for the needs of our pregnant brides. This is handmade with a soft elastic waistband and elastic jersey lining. This workmanship is perfect if you want to get married while pregnant and the size of your baby bump is still growing, because the skirt adapts to your body. For your wedding dress, choose high-quality soft tulle in classic white or in color and flowing chiffon.

      You get our maternity skirts in a stylish midi length or an elegant floor-length version in sizes XS to XL.

      Which accessories go best with maternity wedding dresses?

      Our years of experience show: if you, as a pregnant bride, wear a dress or a two-piece suit in which you feel completely comfortable, you hardly need any other accessories or statement pieces, after all, your baby bump and a relaxed charisma of the expectant mother are the most beautiful jewelry.

      If you still don't want to miss out on small additional eye-catchers, beautiful earrings or timeless necklaces are ideal.

      Which shoes are best for pregnant brides?

      Especially if you want to get married while pregnant, choosing the right bridal shoes for your wedding is essential. The shoes should not only match the wedding dress, they should also be particularly comfortable, comfortable and stable.

      Ballerina flats, espadrilles or light sandals and sandals with a small block heel are ideal - you should avoid heels that are too high from the second trimester at the latest for safety reasons.

      Browse our online shop and find the perfect pair of bridal shoes.

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      Maternity lingerie

      In the noni online shop you will not only find beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women, but also a selection of maternity underwear that you can wear under your wedding outfit or in everyday life. Comfortable, supportive maternity tights or lingerie for pregnant or breastfeeding brides offer the highest level of comfort and let you enjoy your big day in a relaxed manner.

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