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      Schlichte Brautkleider für Standesamt, Kirche oder freie Trauung sind besonders beliebt, da sie nicht aus der Mode kommen und mit puristischer Eleganz ideal zum förmlichen Anlass der Trauung passen. Zeitloses Design ist besonders nachhaltig und so wirst Du auch noch in vielen Jahren Dein Braut Top gerne im Alltag kombinieren. Lass Dich verzaubern von unseren schlichten Brautkleidern und finde das perfekte Hochzeitsoutfit für Dich.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      When it comes to wedding dresses, the term "plain" refers to a design aesthetic characterized by simplicity and restraint. A simple wedding dress is characterized by the following essential features: Minimalist design: Simple wedding dresses have a minimalist and unobtrusive design. They are free of excessive embellishments, elaborate details or eye-catching patterns. Clear lines: Simple wedding dresses are characterized by clear, straight lines and simple cuts. They often have a timeless and classic silhouette. Little or no embellishments: In contrast to elaborately designed dresses, simple wedding dresses often lack elaborate embellishments such as lace, beads, sequins or embroidery. Instead, they focus on the base material of the dress. Restrained colors: Simple wedding dresses are usually kept in neutral colors such as white, ivory, champagne or pastel tones. These colors emphasize the simplicity of the dress. Little or no volume: Simple wedding dresses often have less volume in the skirt area compared to voluminous princess dresses or ball gowns. Focus on fabric and cut: The beauty of a simple wedding dress lies in the fabric and cut of the dress itself. The quality of the fabric and the precision of the cut are the focus. Versatility: Due to their simplicity, simple wedding dresses are versatile and can be easily combined with different accessories to achieve the desired style. They provide a canvas to showcase the bride's personal style. Overall, when it comes to wedding dresses, “simple” can be understood as a synonym for unobtrusive, minimalist and timeless. It is a design choice that focuses on the bride's natural beauty and the elegance of the dress itself.
      Choosing the right style and material for a wedding dress depends on various factors, primarily your personal preferences, your body shape, the wedding location and the time of year. Here are some steps that can help you figure out which style and material suits you best: Research online and in bridal magazines: Start by doing online research and looking at bridal magazines. Collect pictures of wedding dresses you like and create a collage or mood board to get closer to your style preferences. Consider your body shape: Think about what cuts and silhouettes best suit your body shape. For example, an A-line dress can emphasize the waist and skim the hip area, while a mermaid dress can highlight the curves. Consider the wedding venue and season: The wedding venue and season play an important role in choosing material and style. A lightweight chiffon dress is ideal for a summer beach wedding, while a heavier satin dress may be suitable for an elegant winter wedding. Consider your personal style: Consider what personal style you prefer to wear in everyday life. If you normally dress simple and minimalistic, simple wedding dresses may be the right choice. Try on different styles: The best way to find out which style suits you is to try on different wedding dresses. Make appointments at bridal shops and bring friends or family with you to get feedback. Be open to different styles, even ones that you didn't initially think might suit you. Consider your comfort zone: Remember that you should feel comfortable on your wedding day. Your wedding dress should reflect your personality and style and make you feel confident and beautiful. The most important thing is to take your time and explore different options to find the ideal wedding dress for you.
      noni is a company known for its simple and elegant wedding dresses. Buying a simple wedding dress from noni offers several advantages: Elegant and timeless design: noni is known for its simple and timeless [wedding dresses]( The dresses feature clean lines, simple cuts and a minimalist aesthetic that is timeless and never goes out of style. This means that your wedding dress will still be current and elegant for years to come. High-quality craftsmanship: At noni we attach great importance to high-quality craftsmanship and use first-class materials. The wedding dresses are carefully crafted by professional tailors to ensure high quality and fit. Sustainability: noni values sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. The wedding dresses are made in Germany and Europe to minimize environmental impact and eco-friendly materials are used wherever possible. Diverse Styles: Although noni Bridal is known for its simple wedding dresses, we offer a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit brides' varying preferences. You can choose between different necklines, skirt lengths and details. Matching accessories: In addition to wedding dresses, noni also offers you a selection of matching [bridal accessories]( such as veils, belts, jewelry and more to perfect your outfit. Personal service: We offer you a personal and dedicated service to help you choose your wedding dress. You can make [appointments in the noni showroom]( or get [advice online]( to find the perfect dress. Choosing a simple wedding dress from noni offers you the certainty that you will receive a high-quality, timeless and elegantly designed dress that perfectly suits your style. noni places great emphasis on individuality and sustainability, making it a popular choice for brides looking for a simple and elegant wedding dress.

      Simple wedding dresses – elegant and timeless

      Simple wedding dresses are popular for various reasons:

      Timeless elegance: Simple wedding dresses are characterized by their timeless elegance. They are often minimalist in design and rely on purist lines and cuts that never go out of style.

      Versatility: Simple wedding dresses can be easily combined with various accessories, such as veils, hair accessories, belts or jewelry. This allows brides to bring their own style and personality into their bridal outfit.

      Focus on the bride: With simple dresses, the focus is entirely on the bride and her natural beauty. They do not distract from the person, but rather emphasize the bride's individual charisma.

      Comfort: Simple wedding dresses are often more comfortable to wear than elaborately decorated dresses with lots of details. This is especially important for brides who want to feel comfortable throughout the day.

      Time and budget savings: Simple wedding dresses are usually cheaper than elaborately designed dresses with appliqués or embroidery because they require less material and labor. They can also usually be made more quickly, which is an advantage for brides on a tight schedule.

      Adaptability: Simple wedding dresses are often more versatile and can be worn at different types of wedding celebrations, be it an informal beach wedding, a registry office ceremony or an elegant wedding in a luxurious location.

      Classic beauty: The simple elegance of a wedding dress can appear timeless in photos, keeping memories of your wedding day fresh and appealing throughout the years.

      Who are simple wedding dresses suitable for?

      The target audience for simple wedding dresses can be diverse as they appeal to a wide range of brides. Here are some groups of brides for whom simple wedding dresses might be particularly attractive:

      Minimalist Brides: Brides who prefer a minimalist lifestyle and like things simple and understated will often find themselves drawn to simple wedding dresses. They appreciate the elegance in simplicity.

      Timeless Aesthetes: Brides who appreciate timeless elegance and classic beauty often opt for simple wedding dresses as they never go out of style.

      Natural and Boho Brides: Brides planning a natural or bohemian-inspired wedding often prefer simple dresses that fit well with the relaxed atmosphere of their wedding.

      Budget-conscious brides: Simple wedding dresses are often less expensive than more elaborately designed and crafted gowns, making them an attractive option for brides on a limited budget.

      Practical Brides: Brides who want to feel comfortable and move freely on their wedding day often prefer simple wedding dresses that are comfortable and easy to wear, creating an uncomplicated look.

      Brides with Personal Style: Simple wedding dresses provide a neutral canvas for brides to showcase their own style with accessories and jewelry. This appeals to brides who want to personalize their wedding outfit.

      Brides with a short planning time: Since simple wedding dresses can often be made more quickly than elaborately designed wedding dresses, they are a good option for brides who are planning a celebration in a short time.

      It is important to note that choosing a wedding dress is a very personal decision. There are no hard and fast rules or restrictions. The target group for simple wedding dresses can therefore be very diverse, and brides should choose a dress that suits their personality, style and individual preferences.

      What colours for simple wedding dresses?

      Simple wedding dresses can come in a variety of colours, although traditionally white and ivory are the most commonly chosen colours for wedding dresses. Here are some colour options to consider for simple wedding dresses:

      White: White is the most traditional colour for wedding dresses and traditionally symbolizes purity and innocence. There are various shades of white including pure white, off-white and ivory.

      Ivory: Ivory is a warm, creamy colour that is often chosen as an alternative to pure white. It often gives the wedding dress a nostalgic, romantic touch.

      Champagne: Champagne coloured wedding dresses have a delicate champagne tone that is subtle and elegant. This colour can go well with a vintage or bohemian wedding.

      Blush (pink): A touch of delicate pink gives the wedding dress a romantic and feminine touch. Blush wedding dresses have become increasingly popular in recent years.

      Light Blue or Pastel Colours: A light blue or other pastel colours can be an unconventional choice for brides who want to incorporate a touch of colour into their wedding outfit.

      Silver or Gray: Silver or gray wedding dresses can give a modern and elegant look. They work well for formal weddings and evening events.

      Gold: Golden wedding dresses exude luxury. This colour is ideal for glamorous weddings or for brides who want a touch of opulence.

      Cream: Cream-coloured wedding dresses have a warm undertone and convey a feeling of comfort and elegance.

      Nude or Taupe: These neutral colours give the wedding dress a modern touch and go well with different skin tones.

      Choose the right fabric for your simple wedding dress

      The fabric plays a crucial role in simple wedding dresses as it significantly influences the appearance, texture and comfort of the dress. Here are some important aspects of the role of fabric in simple wedding dresses:

      Elegance and aesthetics: The fabric significantly influences the aesthetic effect of the wedding dress. Simple wedding dresses are often made from fine and elegant fabrics that give a timeless and classic look. Popular fabrics for simple wedding dresses include silk, satin, chiffon, organza and tulle.

      Texture and feel: The fabric determines the texture and feel of the dress. A shiny satin fabric can give a luxurious look, while chiffon creates a light and flowing effect. The choice of fabric can influence the perception of the dress from smooth and shiny to soft and romantic.

      Comfort and freedom of movement: Comfort is an important factor when choosing the fabric for a wedding dress. Simple wedding dresses are often designed to be comfortable and allow the bride freedom of movement. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like chiffon or organza are ideal for summer weddings, while satin or silk can add a luxurious touch.

      Draping and Cut: The fabric influences the way the wedding dress drapes and falls. A flowing fabric like chiffon can create a soft and romantic drape, while satin can create a structured and elegant look. The cut of the dress can also be emphasized by the fabric chosen.

      Adaptability: Another important aspect is the adaptability of the fabric. Some materials are better at highlighting details such as pleats, ruffles or lace appliqués, while other fabrics remain simple and smooth. The choice of fabric should therefore be coordinated with the desired design of the wedding dress.

      Care and Maintenance: The care and maintenance of the wedding dress also depends on the fabric chosen. Some fabrics require special attention and cleaning, while others are easier to care for.

      Overall, the fabric plays an essential role in the design and production of simple wedding dresses as it influences the aesthetic appeal, comfort and adaptability of the dress. The choice of the right fabric should be made carefully to ensure that the wedding dress meets the bride's expectations and makes her wedding a special event.

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      Simple chiffon wedding dresses

      Flowing chiffon is an excellent choice for simple wedding dresses that are intended to exude elegance and romance. Chiffon is a light and delicate fabric that is very popular due to its soft texture and elegant drape. Here are some reasons why flowing chiffon is an ideal option for simple wedding dresses:

      Lightness and comfort: Chiffon is an airy and light fabric that feels pleasant on the skin. This makes it an excellent choice for spring or summer weddings as it keeps the bride cool and comfortable throughout the day.

      Flowing Drape: Chiffon has a natural tendency towards flowing drape, which is wonderful for simple and elegant wedding dresses. The fabric falls gently around the body and creates a romantic silhouette.

      Soft Texture: The soft and delicate texture of chiffon adds a feminine touch to the wedding dress. This fabric gently hugs the body and emphasizes the bride's natural beauty without appearing overly structured.

      Versatility: Chiffon is a versatile fabric that works well with various dress styles, from simple A-line dresses to flowy, strapless or sleeveless designs. It can easily be combined with other fabrics or lace to add subtle details.

      Timeless Elegance: The simplicity of chiffon emphasizes the timeless elegance of a wedding dress. A simple chiffon dress can look both classic and modern, making it a timeless choice.

      Photogenicity: Chiffon is extremely photogenic in photos and creates beautiful movement and texture. This helps the bride look particularly good in wedding photos.

      Ease of Care: Chiffon is generally easy to care for and does not wrinkle easily, making it practical for brides who don't want to worry about extensive care during their wedding.

      Overall, flowing chiffon adds a graceful and elegant touch to simple wedding dresses. It is a choice suitable for brides looking for a timeless, romantic and comfortable option that enhances their natural beauty.

      Simple lace wedding dresses

      Simple wedding dresses with lace are a wonderful choice when wedding dresses with a vintage look are desired. The combination of simple fabric and delicate lace gives the dress a romantic and timeless charm. Here are some reasons why simple lace wedding dresses perfectly embody the vintage look:

      Nostalgic charm: Lace is a classic material that has been used in bridal fashion for many decades. It gives the wedding dress a nostalgic and timeless charm that goes perfectly with a vintage style.

      Elegant Details: The delicate lace appliqués on a simple wedding dress add subtle but elegant details. These details can be placed on the sleeves, back, hem or along the bodice and give the dress a romantic touch.

      Contemporary Simplicity: Simple wedding dresses serve as a modern canvas on which lace can be placed in traditional or vintage-inspired patterns. This creates a harmonious balance between contemporary simplicity and classic vintage flair.

      Variety of Lace Styles: There are many different lace styles that can suit a vintage look, including French lace, guipure lace, Chantilly lace, and Alençon lace. Each lace style gives the dress a unique aesthetic.

      Adaptability: Simple lace wedding dresses are highly adaptable and can be designed in a variety of silhouettes and lengths, be it a simple sheath dress, an A-line dress, a mermaid dress or a vintage-inspired tea-length dress.

      Vintage Accessories: The simple lace dress can be combined with vintage accessories such as a veil, gloves, a tiara or retro shoes to complete the vintage look.

      Timeless elegance: Simple wedding dresses with lace exude timeless elegance that is beautifully displayed at both vintage weddings and modern celebrations.

      Overall, simple lace wedding dresses are an ideal choice for brides who love the vintage look. They combine the beauty and romantic atmosphere of bygone times with contemporary simplicity and elegance. The vintage lace look can be interpreted in both traditional and modern ways to suit the bride's personal style and preferences.

      Which accessories go best with simple wedding dresses?

      There are a variety of accessories that can complete the look and emphasize the bride's personality. Here are some accessories that go well with simple wedding dresses:

      Veil: A veil is a classic bridal accessory that goes well with simple dresses. It can be found in different lengths and styles, from short to long, adding a romantic touch to the look.

      Hair Accessories: Flower wreaths, hairpins, tiaras or headbands can decorate the bride's hair and add a subtle touch of elegance or romance.

      Necklaces: A subtle necklace can highlight the cleavage of the wedding dress. A pearl necklace or a simple piece of jewelry with meaning are popular options.

      Earrings: Earrings can accentuate the bride's face. Pearl or diamond earrings are timeless options, while colored gemstones or vintage pieces can add a unique touch.

      Bracelets: A delicate bracelet or bangle can adorn the bride's wrist and add subtle sparkle.

      Gloves: For an elegant and sophisticated touch, bridal gloves can be considered, especially for more formal weddings.

      Belt or waist band: A belt, sash or waist band can accentuate the waist and add dimension to the dress. This can be particularly effective with simple A-lines.

      Bridal Shoes: The choice of bridal shoes is important as they complete the overall look. You can opt for classic, comfortable pumps, vintage-inspired shoes, or even colorful shoes to add an accent.

      Clutch or bag: A small handbag or clutch can be handy for carrying personal items and completing the wedding outfit.

      Jacket or Bolero: For weddings in cooler temperatures, a chic jacket or bolero made of lace or lightweight fabric can be worn over the wedding dress to stay warm and complement the look.

      Back jewellery: Chic back jewelry, like a back necklace or a demure choker, can draw attention to the back of the dress.

      Remember that less is often more. Choose accessories that match your personal style and your wedding dress.

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      Simple plus size wedding dresses

      Simple wedding dresses are also a great choice for plus size brides as they can be timeless, elegant and flattering. Here are some tips for simple wedding dresses that are suitable for curvy plus size brides:

      A-line dresses: A-line dresses are an excellent choice because they emphasize a slim waist while gently hugging the hips and stomach area. This creates a classic silhouette that is flattering on many body shapes.

      V-neck: A V-neck can emphasize the cleavage and elongate the upper body, which is particularly flattering. A simple wedding dress with a V-neck gives an elegant look.

      Simple lines: Simple dresses with clean lines and few additional details are often advantageous as they draw focus to the bride's beauty and can hide imperfections.

      Choice of fabric: Choose high-quality fabrics that flow smoothly and feel comfortable. Chiffon, satin, or soft lace are good options.

      Figure-shaping underwear: Figure-shaping underwear can help smooth the silhouette and conceal problem areas.

      Self-confidence: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your wedding dress!

      Remember that plus size wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and cuts. Try out different options until you find the perfect simple wedding dress that meets your individual needs and preferences. Don't forget that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your uniqueness!

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