Gürtel mit Blättern, Perlen und Kristallen zum Binden
Gürtel mit Blättern, Perlen und Kristallen zum Binden
Gürtel mit Blättern, Perlen und Kristallen zum Binden
Brautgürtel mit Blättern, Perlen und Kristallen - Aisling

Belt with leaves, beads and crystals – Tempête

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Satin ribbon

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Pretty boho style bridal belt with satin ribbon

The Bridal belt with flowers and beads is a beautiful accessory to the simple wedding dress and is tied in the back with a satin ribbon. The belt in trendy boho style decorates any wedding dress and elegantly hugs the bride's waist.


The bridal belt is available in silver, gold and rose gold.

Application about 20 cm long, then begins the satin ribbon.
Jewelry beads, brass, brass wire.
Satin ribbon: polyester

Please notewith your jewelry that the material can gradually oxidize in connection with air, which makes it tarnish darkly. To avoid this, you should ideally order your jewelry about 2-4 months before your wedding and store it in a plastic bag or velvet pouch in the dark, such as a drawer or casket.

If discoloration has formed over time, you can use a silver care cloth to make your jewelry shine again.

Handmade in Canada with love and care. Whenever possible, high-quality, locally sourced materials are used in the manufacturing process.

You can buy your accessories online or make a personal appointment at
our bridal fashion store in Cologne.
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