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      Discover a wide selection of bridal lingerie to match your wedding dress, for your wedding night, for your honeymoon or for a flirty boudoir shoot. The lingerie selection at the noni online shop includes bras, panties and bodysuits made with eye-catching lace, sophisticated details and a comfortable fit in many styles and colors.

      Discover now seductive lingerie for many occasions and outfits, intimate moments or just to treat yourself to something pretty - not only for your wedding.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The bridal lingerie selection of the noni online shop ranges from bras with or without straps, bralettes, briefs in classic style, Brazilian style or thongs to seductive bodysuits made of lace. It is important that you coordinate the choice of your bridal lingerie with your wedding dress style. So it is advisable to choose the bra to match the neckline of your [dress]( or [bridal topper]( You should also match the fabric of your wedding dress and lingerie as well as the colours. If the lace of your bra or panties shows under your fair bridal outfit or if the colour shines through, we offer lingerie with an opaque effect in any case. 
      There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. One thing is certain: For your wedding night, it's best to wear the lingerie in which you feel most comfortable and not dressed up. Browse our online store. We offer you a wide selection of lingerie in many different styles, colors and designs and have the right lingerie for every bride to feel sexy and seductive.

      A short guide to wedding lingerie

      The right underwear can complete your wedding look and provide extra comfort and confidence. Here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding lingerie:

      1. Fit and comfort

      Make sure the underwear fits well and feels comfortable. Choose underwear that flatters your figure and is comfortable to wear all day long.

      2. Consider the silhouette of the wedding dress

      Consider the silhouette and style of your wedding dress when choosing wedding lingerie. Decide whether you need a strapless bra, a push-up bra, a seamless brief or a bodysuit to get the most out of your dress. Please note that depending on the bra, the fit of your dress will change and your top will fit tighter with push-up inserts than without. Depending on the degree of shaping, shapewear also has an effect on the fit. So you should always try on the lingerie together with the wedding dress you have already chosen!

      3. Choose materials

      Choose high-quality materials such as silk, satin or lace for your wedding underwear. These materials feel luxurious and add an elegant touch to your look. Many brides choose neutral lingerie in neutral tones without embellishments that do not show under the dress for the look during the wedding reception and more unusual, sensual models in other colours for the wedding night.

      4. Match colour

      Make sure the colour of your underwear matches your wedding dress. Choose classic white or ivory for light dresses and neutral nude tones for sheer or bodycon dresses.

      5. Support and shaping

      See if you want additional support or shaping. A well-fitting bra can lift and shape your breasts, while shaping underwear can smooth the waist and enhance your figure.

      6. Check combination options

      Think about how you can combine your wedding underwear with other accessories such as garters, stockings or suspenders to complete your look.

      7. Set a budget

      Before you go shopping, set a budget for how much you want to spend on your wedding lingerie. There are a variety of options at different price points, so you're sure to find something that fits your budget.

      8. Plan your time

      Start looking for your wedding lingerie early so you have enough time to review different options and have any adjustments made.

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