Dresses for the maid of honor


      The ideal dress for the maid of honor emphasizes the Wedding Look of the bride and adapts to the wedding motto. In this special role, you are very close to the bride during the wedding celebration and can be seen in many photos together with her. This means that your dress should at best support the bride's style, but not steal the show. Light, pastel colors and soft, flowing fabrics are ideal for an elegant appearance as maid of honor. A no-go for you are the colors white, cream and ivory. These are reserved for the bride.

      Depending on the type of wedding or theme, decide whether a floor-length evening dress or a summery outfit consisting of a midi skirt and top is more suitable for your maid of honor look.

      Maid of honour dresses – Define your style

      Think in advance which style you prefer: classic, modern, romantic or perhaps something more daring? Choose an outfit that reflects your personal style and fits the mood of the wedding. There is a large and versatile range of dresses, two-piece ensembles or even jumpsuits that you can choose from.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      Set your budget

      Set a budget before shopping. There is a huge selection of maid of honor dresses in a variety of price ranges, so you're sure to find something that fits your price range.

      Keep in mind that in addition to a gift for the bride and groom, you may also have to budget for costs for accessories, jewelry or shoes.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      Matching coulours & wedding theme

      Discuss the preferred colour and theme of the wedding with the bride in advance to ensure that your dress fits the overall concept. Traditionally, maids of honor often choose dresses in colours that match the wedding decor. Your outfit shouldn't be more eye-catching than the wedding dress, because the bride is clearly the center of the celebration on this day.

      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste
      Kleider für Hochzeitsgäste

      Find the right fit

      Make sure your dress fits well and flatters your figure. A well-fitting dress makes you feel comfortable and confident. Remember that you will likely be wearing the dress all day, so comfort is key. The same goes for your shoes too!

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      Plan time wisely

      Start looking for your dress early so that you have enough time to check out different options and have any alterations made. Some designer dresses may require longer lead time. If the bride's schedule allows it, focus on the wedding dress and involve the bride in the search for your maid of honor outfit so that your dresses harmonize beautifully with each other.

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      Don't forget your accessories!

      As mentioned above, remember to also choose matching accessories such as shoes, jewelry and a clutch bag to complete your outfit.