Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen
Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen
Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen
Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen
Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen
Weißes Midi-Wickelkleid aus Leinen

White Linen Wrap Dress – Son de Flor

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Son de Flor Linen Summer Dress

Summer wrap dress made from soft linen in classic white with adjustable waist belt for all body types. A V-neck flatters your cleavage.
Practical pocket slits on the sides and short sleeves with white lining make it a casual dress for daily life. A twirling skirt makes you appear extra feminine.



100% linen

Please note that linen is a natural, non-elastic material. Due to the non-existent elasticity, it wrinkles more easily than other fabrics and gives the dress its casual, natural precious wrinkle look.

By the way, unlike cotton, linen has an excellent ecological balance! With the cultivation of flax are clearlyless pesticidesand fertilizers are needed and about only 1/4 of the water compared to cotton. Since flax grows in rain-fed areas anyway, additional irrigation is usually not necessary.
Founded by two sisters in Lithuania, the label Son de Flor deliberately turns away from fast fashion and produces its popular linen
dresses in a sustainable way.

The linen comes from a local producer and both the material and the production method are certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

The clothes are manufactured on site in Lithuania. The company follows
a philosophy of fair wages, good working conditions and compliance with EU regulations. 

Environmental protection is a top priority at Son de Flor. Therefore, no plastic is used when packing and shipping the garments.
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To enjoy your linen dress as long as possible, we recommend cold machine wash. Please do not tumble dry, do not bleach or dry clean.

For a wrinkle-free look, iron warm on the inside.
If you prefer the typical linen look, you can also do without ironing.

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