Dresses for Wedding Guests

      A wedding is always also a great occasion for guests, maids of honor, bridesmaids or mothers of the bride to finally shine in a chic outfit.
      In order to perfectly round out your formal look, we carry a classy selection of both elegant evening dresses and cocktail dresses as well as lace tops and flowing chiffon skirts to combine for a trendy two piece look in our online shop for you.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      In general, wedding guests should never steal the bride's thunder. Wearing clothes in ivory, white or cream is mostly reserved for the wedding dress. Eye-catching colours such as bright red should at most be found in accessories.  Female wedding guests often forego black dresses although it is no longer an issue to wear the "little black dress". Alternatively, a dark blue looks just as elegant and festive as black. Many brides and grooms set dress codes for their wedding. If the bridal couple explicitly want the guests to wear a colourful outfit, you can confidently choose from a wide range of colours. Talk to the bride or groom about any uncertainties concerning your outfit. Be careful to not show too much skin in the church or at the registry office during the wedding ceremony. Off-the-shoulder and sleeveless dresses as well as low plunging necklines should be covered with a knitted cardigan or stole.
      The bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or the maid of honour usually coordinate their outfits with the bride's look. One possibility would be that the pattern of the bride's dress can be found in the dresses of the wedding guests - in a different colour obviously!  A lot of brides shop take their bridesmaids, maid of honour and mother to look for their dress and use this as an opportunity to determine a coherent style for their female entourage.
      A dress code or a wedding motto often already is communicated in the wedding invitation, if the bride and groom desire a special look. If this information is missing you can choose a festive outfit that makes you feel comfortable. You should stick to your own individual style. You don't have to wear an **[evening gown](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/roecke-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste)** if you normally only wear jeans and sneakers. There are numerous combinations of simple, **[elegant tops](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/tops-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste)** with pants or [**skirts**](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/roecke-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste) that are suitable for a wedding without making you feel dressed up. Do you prefer a feminine, playful look? Wear an elegant gown in timeless black or a fashionable colour. Make sure to not steal the bride's thunder. This means that you should not choose a white or ivory summer dress, no matter how beautiful it is.
      Usually, you should choose an elegant, casual outfit for your registry office wedding. For the wedding celebration you can go for something more glittery and sparkly.  If you are to join the bridal couple at both events and don't want to wear the same dress twice, a trendy [**two-piece look**](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/kleider-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste) might be perfect for you. Match a simple, elegant [**skirt**](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/roecke-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste) with different [**coloured tops**](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/tops-fuer-hochzeitsgaeste) to always be perfectly styled.