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      For more sustainability in online shopping, we now offer you a selection of our bridal fashion, wedding shoes and accessories in the noni online outlet: find beautiful things at reduced prices! Bargain items with minor blemishes, showroom pieces, older styles, out-of-stock and discontinued items, as well as remnants that we're saying goodbye to in order to make room for something new. We give imperfect pieces a second chance: nothing has to be disposed of unnecessarily and can very definitely still make a Bride-to-Be happy.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      In our online outlet we offer noni bridal fashion at reduced prices with small blemishes, like exhibition pieces from the showroom, run-out models or older, slightly different versions of current pieces. Outlet items are designed and handmade in Cologne, just like all noni pieces.
      Like all noni wedding dresses, tops, skirts, trousers and jumpsuits, you can also return all outlet items in case they do not meet your expectations. Please note our cancellation periods. Click [here]( for further informations about our return policy.
      In the online outlet, we only offer bridal fashion and accessories with minor blemishes, which we say goodbye to in order to make room for new collections and items. Take a look at our [sale category]( if you are looking for low-priced noni bridal tops, skirts, dresses, trousers and jumpsuits without blemishes.
      In addition to our online shop, we also offer booking special outlet appointments and visiting us in Cologne, in addition to regular, fee-based wedding dress consultations. Click [here]( for an overview of all appointments.