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      The right earrings for your wedding perfectly complete the bridal look. Does your wedding dress match with subtle ear studs or are you more the type for eye-catching statement jewellery for additional glamour? Discover a large selection of earrings from opulent huggies with chiffon blossoms to golden hoops or trendy boho ear jewellery - find your perfect wedding accessory in our online shop.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      With a simple wedding dress or a trendy jumpsuit, you can wear eye-catching ear jewellery such as floral earrings with crystals and pearls or large hoop earrings. If your wedding dress is embroidered with sequins and crystals, we recommend choosing more subtle earrings.
      Playful lace tops and accessories with natural elements such as tassels, feathers or leather straps are characteristic of the trendy boho look. Bohemian-style earrings highlight the hippie chic of your bridal look and radiate touches of nature.
      A short hairstyle is made for eye-catching earrings and studs. The shorter the hair, the bigger your earrings may be. Large hoop earrings or flamboyant earrings are a great contrast to a short hairstyle and support your feminine side. But long earrings also look great with a short bob.
      Please understand that due to Swiss customs regulations, we cannot export any goods containing precious metals and you cannot order these items from us if you do not have a German delivery address.

      Earrings for the wedding

      Elegant bridal jewelry as the perfect finish

      Finding the perfect wedding outfit is an exciting step on the road to your big day. And while the dress is undoubtedly the focal point, it's often the little details that really complete the look. Earrings are not only decorative accessories, but also a way to emphasize your personality and style. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect earrings for your wedding.

      Harmonious addition: earrings to match the wedding dress

      When choosing your earrings, you should also keep the style of your wedding dress in mind. If your dress is already adorned with sparkling details or pearls, you can create a balanced look with simple earrings. Conversely, eye-catching earrings can give a simple dress that little bit extra. If you prefer dots and round embellishments in the lace, bridal jewelry with pearls is the ideal combination. Remember that harmony and balance are the key to a successful wedding look.

      Timeless elegance
      Classic earrings

      For the bride who appreciates timeless elegance, classic earrings are the perfect choice. Pearls, diamonds or simple gold or silver jewellery give your wedding look a touch of sophistication that never goes out of style. These timeless designs can be worn even after the wedding and will always remind you of this special day.

      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Brautschmuck, Ohrringe für die Hochzeit
      Statement earrings
      Setting eye-catching accents

      If you love to make a grand entrance and want to add a little something extra to your styling, why not make a statement with your earrings? Large, eye-catching earrings with sparkling crystals, dramatic shapes or striking materials can add a bold and distinctive touch to your bridal look. They are perfect for the bride who likes to experiment and stand out from the crowd. Earrings with large silk flowers are ideal for the wedding.

      The perfect mix: elegant earrings for your bridal hairstyle

      Not only the wedding dress, but also your bridal hairstyle should be taken into account when choosing earrings. If you are wearing your hair up at the wedding, long, hanging earrings will look particularly good. With loose hair or a side bun, on the other hand, delicate stud earrings or small drop earrings can be a beautiful choice. When choosing the perfect bridal jewelry, think about how the earrings will interact with your hairstyle to create a harmonious overall look.

      Overall, your wedding earrings should not only look beautiful, but also suit you and your style. Whether you prefer classic elegance or prefer to experiment with eye-catching statement jewelry, the most important rule is that you feel comfortable and confident with your earrings. After all, they are more than just pieces of jewelry - they are an expression of your personality.

      We look forward to helping you find your perfect pair of earrings and wish you a wonderful wedding day!