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With a simple wedding dress or a trendy jumpsuit, you can wear eye-catching ear jewellery such as floral earrings with crystals and pearls or large hoop earrings. If your wedding dress is embroidered with sequins and crystals, we recommend choosing more subtle earrings.
Playful lace tops and accessories with natural elements such as tassels, feathers or leather straps are characteristic of the trendy boho look. Bohemian-style earrings highlight the hippie chic of your bridal look and radiate touches of nature.
A short hairstyle is made for eye-catching earrings and studs. The shorter the hair, the bigger your earrings may be. Large hoop earrings or flamboyant earrings are a great contrast to a short hairstyle and support your feminine side. But long earrings also look great with a short bob.