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You can use your ring cushion at noni to match your noni wedding dress order. The handmade cushions are covered with the tips of our Wedding dress and Brauttops

For the Groom we have the matching bow tieso that you are in the truest sense of the word Partner-Look can be married.

This results in a very coherent, individual and uniform overall picture.

The question cannot be answered at all. Are you looking for an accessory for your wedding rings that is perfect for your Noni-wedding-dress fits, offers a hand-made noni ring cushion,related to tip, on.

Do you have a certain Subjectyou can use one transparent ring box Decoration elements as small details playfully add to your wedding rings in the box to have such a "red thread". After the wedding, a ring-shell or a ring-box is not only a beautiful souvenir, but also in everyday life a beautiful Deco-Element in the bathroom or on the nightstand where you can safely keep your jewelry and which will remind you every day of your wedding.