Nursing wedding dresses

      A few years ago it was completely unthinkable, but now, thank God, it's no longer a problem: getting married with children has become a matter of course these days, as has breastfeeding at your own wedding. In order to keep this special and exciting day as stress-free as possible for the bride and child, we have put together a few tips and information for you in addition to our selection of suitable nursing dresses for the wedding.

      Nursing wedding dresses

      It's not always easy to find a nursing wedding dress that is equally comfortable, practical and fashionable.

      At noni you will find attractive bridal tops and wedding dresses that are ideal for breastfeeding: you can easily push up our patterned lace tops in a jacket style with a back slit. They are only held together at the neck and you don't even have to unbutton them to breastfeed.

      Off-the-shoulder and strapless tops with a side zipper or button placket are also easy and quick to open or simply pull up or down. Cache Coeur necklines - i.e. necklines with a wrap look - not only look charming, they are extremely practical, especially for breastfeeding.

      Kurzarm-Jäckchen aus Boho Spitze in Ivory, Calista noni

      Bridal tops, dresses like Dawn or Calista as well as under tops with straps that can be easily pulled under the bust are also a good alternative to classic dresses with nursing openings.

      Depending on the cut and fit, a bridal sweater may also be an option, such as our Dawn sweater with a generous back cutout and loose tie strap.

      In any case, elastic and soft fabrics and casual cuts are important. Wedding dresses that are too tight can irritate sensitive skin or restrict the breasts.

      Breastfeeding friendly location

      If you want to breastfeed your child at your wedding, it is important that there are retreat options available to you in the location. This should be a quiet room where you can sit down comfortably and give yourself and your little one a break from the hustle and bustle of celebrations. Even if you have to retreat several times during the sometimes long wedding day, none of your wedding guests will hold it against you: a relaxed bride and a happy baby are the be-all and end-all for a wonderful celebration. Also important: is there space to put the child down to sleep occasionally? Is there enough space to park the stroller?

      It may be advisable to express breast milk in advance and/or take a breast pump with you. If your child is used to bottles, be sure to pack them in the diaper bag as a reserve or extra and check with the event location in advance whether there are options for storing and warming them up.

      Support from your partner, friends & family

      Whether you have a bottle or not, the general rule is: include your better half and trusted caregivers such as grandparents, other relatives or friends in the childcare on the wedding day. They can provide you with helpful support, give the child a bottle, hold it in their arms or rock it to sleep. A wedding is certainly something very special for your baby, too, and he or she will notice that this day is a little different than usual. New faces, unfamiliar smells, noise and lots of people can cause sensory overload for a baby. It is all the more important if you have 1-2 confidants besides you who look after you.

      Boho Braut Top in Ivory mit Rückenschlitz, Roisin noni

      Accessories for breastfeeding brides

      Our years of experience show: if you, as a pregnant bride, wear a dress or a two-piece suit in which you feel completely comfortable, you hardly need any other accessories or statement pieces, after all, your baby bump and a relaxed charisma of the expectant mother are the most beautiful jewelry.

      If you still don't want to miss out on small additional eye-catchers, beautiful earrings or timeless necklaces are ideal.

      Brautkleider für Schwangere
      Brautkleider für Schwangere
      Maternity lingerie

      In the noni online shop you will not only find beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women, but also a selection of maternity underwear that you can wear under your wedding outfit or in everyday life. Comfortable, supportive maternity tights or lingerie for pregnant or breastfeeding brides offer the highest level of comfort and let you enjoy your big day in a relaxed manner.

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