Wedding dresses: neckline types & styles

As with our everyday clothing, there are countless different cuts and neckline shapes in bridal fashion. But what suits you best and highlights your advantages?

You can often actually orientate yourself on your everyday wardrobe and your favorite items for leisure, parties and the office: do you like to wear a V-neck or a round neck, high neck or strapless? A look into your closet may be able to help you.

We have put together the most important and popular wedding dress necklines from our current collections for you and provided you with tips on which figure types and bust sizes the respective shape is suitable for.

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Bateau neckline wedding dresses

The bateau neckline (also called "boat neckline") is very common in everyday and bridal fashion. It runs oval-shaped from the shoulder blade and shoulder blade and, depending on the design, shows more or less skin. It can be worn by any woman, but it is particularly beneficial for women with broad shoulders or a large bust, as its oval shape conceals and makes it appear narrower. This neckline shape also draws the eye to the neck and exposed shoulders.

Wedding dresses with a boat neckline, also known as a bateau neckline, can look incredibly different, from sporty, modern to elegant. This neckline shape is ideal for both short wedding dresses and long models with flowing skirts.

The boat neckline looks particularly chic on simple wedding dresses with sleeves of any length. At noni you will find a large selection of wedding dresses and tops with a timeless bateau neckline. This shape – in addition to its original pattern – gives many of our lace tops their elegant and characteristic look.

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V-neckline wedding dresses

Wedding dresses with a v-neck are particularly suitable for women with a larger bust. Thanks to the lines tapering downwards, the neckline visually stretches the upper body and at the same time emphasizes the décolleté. Women with broad shoulders benefit from this type of neckline because the tapered shape makes the shoulders appear narrower. Wearers with a short torso or smaller bust also score points with the optical stretch. If you have a large bust or a round face, a v-neck draws attention to the neck.

V-neck wedding dresses are available at noni in various designs: This neckline comes into its own just as beautifully with puristic bridal tops made of silk or crepe as it does in combination with dreamy or modern lace patterns in boho style. A v-neckline in the back is also extremely dressy and a nice alternative to the classic v at the front.

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Braut Body aus Blätterspitze mit langem Rock in Ivory mit Seitenschlitz und Futter in Blush, Willow noni

Backless wedding dresses

Backless wedding dresses have become an integral part of modern bridal fashion. While for a long time only cutouts on the front part of the wedding dress were popular, wedding dresses with a surprising back are now becoming more and more common and create breathtaking looks. The depth of the back neckline can vary greatly and is determined by the bride's personal taste. From a short V-neck in the back to a back with cut-outs to super deep necklines up to the bottom - whatever you like and what you feel most comfortable in on your big day is allowed.

In our noni wedding dress collections you will also find backless wedding dresses every season: with sleeves, straps and wedding dresses with diamond-shaped or V-shaped back cutouts. Clear lines and loving details such as floral lace patterns or sparkling sequin fabrics give all models that certain something.

And what does the bride wear with the backless wedding dress?

All noni wedding dresses and bridal tops are cut so that a special bra or a low-cut corsage can be worn under the wedding dress. If you are looking for the right underwear for a backless look, you will find various solutions in our bridal underwear category: self-adhesive pads, adhesive bras or fashion tape, bra extenders and underbody bodies or bralettes with a low back.

You are completely free to let your free back speak for itself or to emphasize it with an extravagant back chain and thus create an additional eye-catcher.

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Boho Braut Top in Ivory mit Rückenausschnitt, Oriana noni

Round neck wedding dresses

Wedding dresses with a round neckline appear particularly gentle and, depending on the size of the neckline, are suitable for all figures.

Wedding outfits in which the round neckline is combined with a round back neckline are particularly elegant and harmonious.

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Transparentes Braut Top aus Botanikspitze mit weiten Flügelärmeln, Lucy noni

Sweetheart wedding dresses

A sweetheart neckline - also often called a "sweetheart" or "coeur" neckline - surrounds the bride's chest area and looks particularly romantic thanks to the curved line. This neckline is ideal for women with larger busts, as the lines beautifully capture and accentuate the curves and optically stretch them. A light, small sweetheart neckline can also visually create more curves thanks to the gentle curve of a small bust.

You often see sweetheart necklines in the form of corsets, especially in princess dresses or mermaid-style wedding dresses. Since not every bride necessarily wants to get married off the shoulders, you can optionally wear a semi-transparent topper with a decorative lace pattern over all corsage wedding dresses at noni. Bridal stoles and bridal capes are also popular accessories to refine the look.

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Shoulderless wedding dresses

Shoulderless wedding dresses look particularly elegant and emphasize the wearer's décolleté and shoulders. If the wedding dress is tailor-made, even a shoulder-free cut won't slip and you won't have to constantly tug at your dress. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses look particularly beautiful with a delicate veil that charmingly caresses the shoulders.

If you want to cover your shoulders in church or in the cooler evenings without resorting to a classic bolero or bridal jacket, then our noni bridal tops may be just the thing for you. Simply put on and taken off again, they give you a completely new look in no time and turn a simple wedding dress into a romantic two-piece wedding dress.

In our showroom and in the noni online shop you will find numerous tops and accessories that can be individually combined with a strapless wedding dress.

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Square neckline wedding dresses

Wedding dresses with a carré neckline, i.e. a neckline in an angular, square shape, are a wonderful alternative to off-the-shoulder wedding dresses because the lines on the neckline of the dress are almost identical. Here the straps ensure stable support.

The square neckline is suitable for every figure, as it always beautifully highlights the décolleté thanks to its straight shape and flatters the shoulders and neck area.
It looks subtle, timeless and always elegant. Depending on the depth, a square neckline can make the bust appear larger and the upper body appear more elongated. If you have broad shoulders, you should only make sure to choose a wedding dress whose straps are not too far apart so as not to emphasize the side too much.

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