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You can choose between different accessories that give your hairstyle a certain something for the wedding. Hair combs, tiaras, hairbands and hairpins in different styles, with pearls, stylized flowers and rhinestones.

Flower wreaths - romantically braided into the hair or casually placed on the forehead for a vintage or boho look - are also popular solutions.

The hair accessories are as varied as the different wedding dress styles. If you have a wedding dress in minimalist clean chic in Ivory or white, you can choose simple tiademe or tiaras, hair pins or hair combs in a simple design without opulent appliqués.

A bridal look in boho style with lace can be a bit more playful: casual or detail-loving hairbands with stylized flower vines fit just as well as naturalistic wreaths with dried flowers.

Coloured wedding dresses love metallic tones: a look in blush, for example, always fits a jewelry in metallic tones such as rose gold, silver and gold.



Long hair can be crowned with almost any hair accessory. You can refine a classic high-cut hairstyle with special pins that are fixed in the hair. There are hair accessories with rhinestones, pearls or flower appliques that you can tie around your head like a hairband.
Small hair combs in different styles can be worn sideways or put in a dutt to flash as a small eye-catcher.
In open-toed hair, floral wreaths are particularly well applied.

Even with a short hairstyle you don't have to do without hair accessories: hairbands and hairbands set beautiful accents.

Depending on the style of your veil, hair pins or combs are suitable for fixation or a tiara.

All veils in our online shop are already equipped with practical hair combs, so you can easily stick them in your hair. Here there are simple variations, but also artistically decorated hair combs with street, pearls and flowers in gold, silver or rose gold.

With our veils you can choose between simple, one- and two-layer models, pearl embroidery and cutting-edge applications in different lengths.