3 species
a stole
to be worn

Classically wrapped

Super elegant and feminine you can sling your bridal stole around arms and shoulders and hold it in your arms bends. Especially with wedding dresses and festive evening wardrobe, this way of tying the stole is particularly popular. So you direct the view to your shoulder area and concrete your wedding dress without covering too much. A colored stole is a nice contrast to the bright wedding dress and a fresh splash of colour.

Wrapped around the shoulders

The stole can be wrapped around the shoulders and fixed in the back with a small brooch. So she has firm hold and nothing slips.
But you can wear them just as nicely loosely and open at the ends.
For example, if you want to conceal your upper arms and warm your shoulder, this structure is ideal.

Wrapped as a scarf

You can easily wrap the stole around your shoulders and neck like a scarf and drop the ends down for a short or long time, depending on your preferences. So not too much is obscured by your wedding dress, and the stole keeps you cozy warm in the wind and weather.

noni wedding dresses and wedding accessories, handmade bridal tola from knitted mix in malve rosé

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