Conditions of participation for competitions on Instagram

(1) General

These terms and conditions apply to all competitions that we run via Instagram at In the course of this, the organizer only records the Instagram profile name.

The competitions are run by noni Mode GmbH, based at Lichtstraße 26-28, 50825 Cologne. Participation in noni's competitions is only possible if these terms and conditions are included. By participating in the competition, the participant accepts the competition terms and conditions. Participation in the competition is free of charge and does not oblige you to order or buy a product. The competitions have no connection with Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Ltd, Instagram, TikTok or the respective publication platform and are in no way sponsored, supported or organized by the social media platform. Competitions mean any giveaways, raffles or similar descriptions. All information in the context of the competitions is provided exclusively by noni Mode GmbH as the organizer.

(2) Participation period
The respective competition period will be announced on the respective social media accounts, noni_mode (, noni_mode (, nonimode (, under the respective posting. noni Mode GmbH expressly reserves the right to end the competitions at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular if there are reasons that would disrupt or prevent the competition from running as planned.

The start of the competition is, unless otherwise stated in the post, the respective publication time on the respective social media channel. Participation is only possible up to the specified drawing time.

(2a) Additional clause for photo shoots or event competitions
According to the general regulations, the course and scope of the photo shoot or the respective event is determined and planned by noni.
In an emergency, the winner can withdraw before the start of the photo shoot or the event. By withdrawing, the winner loses the right to the value of the photo shoot or the event. The prize cannot be transferred to third parties and cannot be paid out in cash or vouchers.

In connection with the Covid19 pandemic: Planned photo shoots or events can only be postponed if they cannot be carried out due to a Covid19 illness.

(3) Conditions of participation
All natural and legally competent persons aged 18 or over can participate via their very own social media account. Employees of noni Mode GmbH and their relatives are excluded from participation. Double registrations are not permitted. If the organizer becomes aware of technical manipulation or any other violation of these conditions of participation, he will exclude the participant from the competition. Technical manipulation includes, among other things, participation via a competition service or similar automated collective participation services. In these cases, the prize can also be revoked retrospectively and a replacement winner can be drawn.

(4) Process
The conditions of participation and the respective prizes vary from competition to competition and are announced on the respective social media account in the form of a post. In order to take part in the competitions, all of the conditions stated there must be met. Depending on the competition, participation is possible, for example, by liking a post on our Instagram page, commenting on it or writing a message to noni Mode as the operator of the Instagram page. In the event of violations of these rules, the participant is personally responsible for any legal violations. The participant fully releases noni Mode GmbH from all claims by third parties, including the necessary costs of legal defense and legal prosecution.

The winner will be determined after the end of the competition in a random draw among all participants. The winners of the draw will be announced after the draw via a post in the form of a story or feed post, with their Instagram account name, and notified directly via DM/PM. The prize will be delivered by post or, in the case of a voucher, in digital form, exclusively to the winner himself, at his place of residence or email address. The winner must therefore provide his full contact details, including postal address and email address, when notified. Noni will cover the worldwide shipping costs for delivering the prize. An exchange, self-collection and cash payment of the prize are not permitted.