Interchangeable, high block heels for bridal peeptoes, vegan - SuperBlock Dusty Rose, 10 cm

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10 cm shoe heels for high bridal sandals in rose gold - Perfect for your look for the summer wedding

Stylish And stable heelsthat you canExchangeIf you fancy original, always new looks, these heels are the absolute must-haves!

With a few simple handles, you can get out of your flat summer sandals sexy peeptoes with high block heelsconjure, the replaceable shoe heelsmake it possible.

Suitable for allBridal shoes by mime et moithere are no limits to your imagination - what pleases is allowed.

To the extra wide 10 cm heels made ofvegan metallic leatherwe recommend you thePerfect Match Bridal Rose Goldor theNo. 2 Bridal sandal. Both bridal shoes are also made of vegan leather in fashionable copper rose gold Made.

With10 cm high heelscan you put yourself in the stage in style at your summer wedding: The heels conjure you up, especially if you have actually grown rather small,longer legs and stretch your silhouette.The extra wide block heel, The comfortable shackle strappy Guaranteestable, firm hold. Thus, they are ideal for a feminine and glamorous look In high bride peeptoes to the wedding.

Each pair of heels is displayed in a chic Dustbag Included.

Please note that a matching sandal must be ordered separately and is not included in the scope of delivery.


10 cm SuperBlock heel

You get a pair of heels in different sizes 36/37/38 And 39/40/41, always matching the size of your mime et moi sandal.

Each pair of heel sits
firmly on the shoeand carries you safely through your wedding day.

The following variants are available:

- 3 cm block heel (included with each sandal model)
- 7 cm stiletto heel
- 10 cm stiletto heel
- 10 cm block heel
- 7 cm SuperBlock heel
- 10 cm SuperBlock heel

An overview of all sandals and interchangeable heels you will findHere.

A short guide on how to replace the heels on your sandal can be found at the bottom of the video.

Important: The interchangeable paragraphs only fit mime et moi bridal shoes, but of course on all available models.


Rose gold/metallic


Upper: vegan leather

Additional information

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Pictured wedding dresses, accessories or hair accessories are not included.

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