Baker's twine for decorating and embellishing in gold, 45m.

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High quality metallic yarn for crafting

With this high quality yarn you can craft, decorate and embellish to your heart's content. It's great for wedding invitations, wedding garlands, gift wrapping, hanging hanging baskets or balloons and much, much more. We are big fans and can hardly decide with all the great colors!


1 roll of metallic yarn

Wonderful shiny metallic yarn in gold for wrapping, crafting and decorating. This special yarn consists purely of twisted, high quality metallic yarn and therefore achieves its high brilliance.

- Please do not use for cooking -

  • 45 m per spool, made in Germany
  • Material: Viscose, Polyester
  • yarn thickness approx. 1 mm
  • approx. 16 g yarn per roll
  • Yarn twisted from 4 basic threads
  • Viscose, Polyester
  • yarn wound on brown cardboard tube made of unbleached kraft paper
  • banderole made of 100% recycled paper
  • Size of the yarn roll 75 mm x 30 mm (height x width)

Processing instructions:

The new single colour version of metallic yarn is made entirely from a special metallic effect thread. It shines like a wire, but can be used (almost exactly) like a normal yarn. It is wonderful for gift wrapping, gift tags, knotting, garland, hanging PomPoms, making friendship bracelets, jewelry making and many, many other possibilities. Due to its special manufacturing method and material, it is not quite as good for tying bows because it has a tendency to untwist a bit in the process. However, if you use a sharp pair of scissors, work it a bit carefully and adjust to the material, you can make quite great projects and DIY ideas with great metallic shine with it.

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