Blumenmädchen-Armband mit echtem Eukalyptus
Blumenmädchen-Armband mit echtem Eukalyptus

Flower girl bracelet with real eucalyptus

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Children's bracelet with real eucalyptus leaves and gypsum herb for tying

Delicate flower kids satin bracelet with genuine preserved eucalyptus leaves and white gypsum herb.

In intense green with white accents fits the bracelet perfectly with romantic outfits for sweet flower girls and - coordinated with the look of the bride - in boho or botanical style. Due to the satin ribbon it can be alternatively tied in a ponytail or chignon and as a hair ornament wear.

Please note: Each bracelet is a lovingly handcrafted and unique piece. From the product image deviating shape and colour deviations are possible at any time and should be appreciated as part of its natural and unique character.

approx. 5 cm width (excluding satin ribbon)
conserved genuine flowers, polyester (satin ribbon)
Handmade with love in Paris.
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Pictured clothes and shoes are not included in the offer.
Do not expose to direct sunlight, heat or humidity for storage.

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