Braut Gürtel mit Blüten und Satinband – Outlet
Braut Gürtel mit Blüten und Satinband – Outlet
Brautgürtel zum Binden mit echten Blüten und Satinband

Bridal sash with flowers and satin ribbon - Outlet

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Waist belt to tie with floral details

Looking for a natural accent to your wedding outfit? This pretty belt made of satin and real hydrangea flowers, butcher's broom leaves and baby's breath is a subtle yet very effective eye-catcher.

Please note: Each belt is lovingly handmade and is unique. Flower shape and color deviations from the product image are possible and should be appreciated as part of its natural and unique character.

length approx. 180cm
genuine preserved flowers, polyester (satin ribbons)
Handmade with love in Paris.
The items in the bridal accessories online outlet are reduced bargain pieces with small blemishes. Find accessories from our showroom, discontinued models and leftover items that we are saying goodbye to in order to make room for new products.

Therefore, it is always possible that your ordered accessories may differ from the pictures. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.

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