Braut Stilettos mit übergroßer Schleife – Leila
Braut Stilettos mit übergroßer Schleife – Leila

Stiletto heels with oversized bow – Leila Bella Belle Shoes

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Lace bow wedding shoes by Bella Belle Shoes

This classic wedding heel sandal combines effortless elegance and youth. The open-toe strap and oversized bow at the back are made of ethereal Alencon lace. The slender shape slims and elongates the leg. Ankle straps and a classic buckle ensure a secure fit. 



Heel: approx. 10.1 cm
- Upper material: lace, silk, mesh
- Sole: leather
- Lining: leather
- Embellishments: lace

Bella Belle Shoes produces high quality bridal shoes with exquisite
details to complete your outfit on the big day.

Bella Belle Shoes are characterized by feminine looks and at the same
time best wearing comfort: Luxurious materials combined with professional handcraft to create stunning shoes that are hand-sewn and hand-cut.

In addition to glamorous details and elegant silhouettes, each pair of Bella Belle shoes features a special springily inner cushioning to protect your feet and bring joy to you all day long.

Breathable mesh, 100% silk and real leather are used in production, as well as handmade beads, gemstones, lace and playful embroidery.

The bridal shoes are manufactured under fair working conditions in a family-owned factory, where generations of shoe craftsmen have passionately combined their extensive knowledge with new techniques in shoe manufacturing to guarantee you the highest quality.
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Pictured [wedding dresses](, [accessories]( or [hair accessories]( are not included.
Store your shoes in their box. This will keep moisture away and preserve their shapes. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight such as your closet. To preserve the shape, use unbleached and dye-free paper stuffing to help them keep their shape for a long time.

Wear the shoes around the house before the event. If needing a bit stretching, wear them with thick socks.

All Bella Belle shoes come with a layer of protective film on the outer sole. Be sure to remove the liner before wearing.

Please note, however, that shoes which had their protective film removed or damaged are not eligible for exchange or return.

If the embellishments of your shoes catch on the delicate fabric of your dress (such as tulle or lace), you may want to try this trick: Apply a few coats of clear nail polish over the embellishments to prevent the prongs from catching onto delicate fabric.

If your event is outdoor, we recommend using heel stoppers to prevent your heels from sinking into grass. Avoid wet, grassy and rough pebbled areas. The silk and leather components that make up your shoe will thank you.

In case your shoes get dirty, the first thing to do is remove any loose dirt. Be careful not to rub any dirt into the material. For silk shoes. spot clean soiled areas using a soft toothbrush and water diluted in gentle soap detergent. Use a gentle circling motion to tackle stubborn marks.

All Bella Belle Shoes are hand-beaded. Periodically check for loose metal prongs to make sure they are holding the crystal intact. Press down or tighten the prongs around the crystals.

Please note: Leather is a natural product and will come into direct contact with your skin. Therefore the colours with which the leather can be dyed are subject to the strictest regulations. Lotions, foot make-up, foot deodorants and other alcohol-based foot care products can cause the dye to come off. We recommend to avoid using such products.

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