Bridal veil, double layered, made of fine tulle

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Beautiful fine tulle bridal veil

One Bridal veil is a beautifully romantic accessory for the wedding. If you have always dreamed of being a real bride, you should definitely not do without a Veil do without a veil.

Double layer veil

This simple veil is double layered and can be worn in different ways. The Bridal veil can be worn both double-layered in the back and loosely covering the face.
The bride looks particularly romantic when entering the church, veiled by the delicate veil, which is then later put back.

The Veil is fixed in the bride's hairstyle with a comb in gold. The veil is in the color Ivory.
The Bridal veil is particularly simple, without lace and without decorative edge and can thus be combined with a variety of wedding dresses.

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Veil lengths

Short veil: upper layer 50 cm, lower layer 75 cm

Calf length: Upper layer 100 cm, lower layer 150 cm
Bottom length: upper layer 100 cm, lower layer 190 cm
Chapel: upper layer 100 cm, lower layer 230 cm


100% polyester

Comb: brass

Manufacturing notes

Handmade in Canada with love and care.

Whenever possible, high-quality, locally sourced materials are used in the manufacturing process.

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Additional information

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