Buchstaben Girlanden als Stuhldeko MR & MRS
Buchstaben Girlanden als Stuhldeko MR & MRS

Letter garlands as chair decoration MR & MRS by Renna Deluxe for wedding

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A chair decoration MR & MRS for the chairs of the bride and groom from Renna Deluxe

A declaration of love for Bride and Groom from individual letters to thread on red and white cord.

Each character of the lettering is stamped by hand. A beautiful chairDecoration for the wedding, which Seats bride and groom at the wedding dinner decorate and the Bride and groom a time more in the limelight.

Black color: MR, MRS

Red color: ♥ (heart)

9 discs made of thick cardboard / diameter approx. 11 cm / stamped on one side / cord length depending on the number of characters
cardboard, cord
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