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Double layer bracelet with link chain, beads and pendant

Joni is a pretty, understated bracelet that is still a pretty eye-catcher: In stylish charm style with small ivory and gold jewel beads as well as a large pearl pendant and a link chain on the wrist, you'll make a fashionable statement.

The charm bracelet is a stylish combo of casual and chic, making it perfect for a variety of Wedding Dress Stylesbut also to party wear or casual outfits in everyday life.

As a gift, it's a little something that's guaranteed to bring great joy.


14K gold-filled metal, jeweled beads


The bracelet is approx. 16.7 cm long with an additional 1.5 cm extension chain.

Care instructions

To enjoy your jewelry for as long as possible, we recommend that you take off your jewelry when showering, swimming or exercising.
Chemical additives in perfumes, soaps and body care products can accelerate the aging process of your jewelry. So only put your jewellery on at the very end, for example when your body lotion has been completely absorbed.

Protect from direct sunlight. If necessary, clean carefully with a soft cloth and a little mild soap and make it shine again.

Additional information

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