Elegantes Marquis-Armband mit Strass-Steinen
Elegantes Marquis-Armband mit Strass-Steinen
Elegantes Marquis-Armband mit Strass-Steinen

Marquis Stone Bridal Bracelet – Tempête

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Sparkling Marquis Rhinestone Bracelet

This bracelet blends vintage glam with an appreciation for natural beauty. Feather-like marquis rhinestones create a chain of sparkling leaves. Add a touch of elegance to your bridal look.


Gold, rose gold or silver

Rhinestone adornment ca. 15 cm
Rhinestone ca. 1 cm
Size adjustable

Brass, gemstones

Please note: To avoid oxidizing, we recommend to store your jewellery in a plastic bag or a velvet pouch in the dark, such as a drawer or a casket.
Handmade in Canada with love and care. Whenever possible, high-quality, locally sourced materials are used in the manufacturing process.

You can buy your accessories online or make a personal appointment at
our bridal fashion store in Cologne.
Find more [bracelets](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/braut-armbaender) in our [online shop](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/).

Please note: pictured [wedding dresses](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/brautkleider-online), [accessories](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/braut-accessoires) and [shoes](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/brautschuhe) are not included.

Please understand that due to Swiss customs regulations, we cannot export any goods containing precious metals and you cannot order these items from us if you do not have a German delivery address.

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