Farbiger Brautschuh mit Gold-Details – Maya Teal and Mint Suede
Farbiger Brautschuh mit Gold-Details – Maya Teal and Mint Suede
Farbiger Brautschuh mit Gold-Details – Maya Teal and Mint Suede
Farbiger Brautschuh mit Gold-Details – Maya Teal and Mint Suede

Colourful Bridal Shoe with Gold Details - Maya Teal and Mint Suede

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Mint Green Low Heel with Crossover Design

Maya is a sophisticated example of a modern, original bridal shoe: a combination of suede and smooth leather and unique colours result in a special vintage style heel. 
The toe cap in crossover design combines glamorous gold, fresh mint and an intense blue-green for a harmonious play of colours.


Blue-green, Mint, Gold

Sizing information

Fits true to size. If you are between two sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Heels approx. 6 cm
Upper: leather
Sole: leather
Interior: leather

Important: Leather is a natural product and comes in direct contact with skin in the footbed . Thus, the colours with which the leather can be dyed are subject to the strictest regulations. Lotions, foot makeup, foot deodorant and other alcohol-based foot care products can contribute to the dye coming off in the footbed.
Rachel Simpson shoes are not only made with passion and attention to
detail, but also with the knowledge and power of an experienced team.
The headquarters of the family-run company are located in Great Britain
where the designer and owner Rachel Simpson creates her original shoes
and handbags in her popular, unique style.

Above all, Rachel Simpson wants to "simply to produce beautiful shoes". To ensure the maintaining of her high quality standards, qualified and experienced shoemakers work tirelessly to bring her elegant designs to life. Only leathers, suedes and fabrics with utmost quality from the factory in Spain are used in the manufacturing process. To reduce waste and make the most of the feedstock, the manufacturing process is still traditionally handmade.

Often 2-3 prototypes are made until the shoe reached a perfect fit and
its superior comfort. Combined with the soft, supple leather, this results in a shoe that not just appears elegantly, but in which you will feel comfortable for many years.  

Rachel Simpson has designed several shoe models exclusively for noni,
which you can purchase in our online shop or in our showroom in Cologne.
For trying on your ordered [Rachel Simpson Shoes](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/rachel-simpson-shoes): Only try on the shoes on a carpet! Wooden or stone floors scratch the noble sole easily. If you don't have a carpet, put a blanket or towel on the floor before trying on. Please repack the shoes
carefully in their original box and make sure that the heel does not
press into the leather of the other shoe.

Under the sole of every Rachel Simpson Shoe there is a thin protective foil. However, this will only protect the sole during light wear such as careful try-ons on carpeted floors. Only remove the foil if you have already decided for your dream shoe. Usually you will find the beginning of the foil at the heel of your shoe to be easily removed.

Please use our or another sturdy box for return shipping and not just
the original shoe box as the actual shipping box!

**Please note: We can only accept returned shoes if both shoes,
protective film and packaging are in perfect condition.**

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