Velvet hairband with gemstones and beads

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Velvet hairband for a sparkling finish in three different colourways - Ideal statement piece

For a particularly intense play of colours, this black velvet headband is equipped with many small jewellery pearls that shine in blush and nude shades, yellow and amber with a few silver-glowing stones (picture 2).

If you prefer it monochrome, you can choose the hairband in silver-grey (picture 1) and combine it to a Wedding dress in elegant grey tones combine it.

Classic in white velvet with shiny, transparent beads (picture 3) it is ideal for a traditional white bridal look.

This hair ornament is a great statement piece - and not just for a wedding: it's just as suitable for the next party.

The hairband can be easily put on with any hair length and hair color, even with an updo you can set great accents with the shimmering hairband.

Used materials

decorative beads, rhinestones, textile

Manufacturing notes

The jewellery is lovingly handcrafted in Europe - therefore there is no substandard oversea import.

Each high-quality piece is unique and made with great care. Slight shape and color deviations may occur.

Additional information

Discover our selection of hair accessories and accessories in our online shop and check out our range of flower children accessories.

Pictured wedding dresses, further accessories or bridal shoes are not included.

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