Wedding ring box with lettering - "To the moon and back

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Box for jewelry and accessories with calligraphy "To the moon and back".

You still want one or the simple ring box for your wedding ceremony? Discover ours in different sizes and styles!

You still want aalternative to the ring pillowor the simple ring box for your wedding ceremony?

The rectangular glass box with beautifully curved lettering in the trendy Handlettering styleis a great statement piece at the Getting Ready Shootas well as the Wedding ceremony and sets your rings prima in scene.

The glass ring box with gold setting is a beautiful, small gift wedding for the bride and groom, for Valentine's Day or Birthday and is great for storing Accessories like necklaces or hair ornaments. Later after the wedding it is a decorativeeye-catcheron the nightstand or in the bathroom and a beautiful memory.

The jewelry box is alternatively available with the lettering "Mr. & Mrs.""To have and to hold"and "But first, love". Alternatively we also have a casket without writing in the assortment.




approx. 5 cm height x approx. 9.5 cm width x 7 cm depth

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