Delicate floral wreath with baby&
Delicate floral wreath with baby&
Delicate floral wreath with baby&
Delicate floral wreath with baby&
Delicate floral wreath with baby&
Zarter Blumenkranz mit Schleierkraut und Blüten in Beige und Ivory

Delicate floral wreath with baby's breath and flowers in beige and ivory

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Romantic handmade hair ornament with real baby's breath and textile flowers

Beautiful vintage flowers hair wreath and real baby's breath in delicate natural and white tones. The flower wreath is handmade in Spain; thus each hair wreath is unique.

The flower wreath with dried baby's breath and high-quality artificial flowers is a wonderful alternative to the hair wreath with fresh flowers. Since the flowers do not wither, the wreath gives pleasure for a long time after the wedding and can be worn as a hair decoration for further celebrations.

The flower wreath is tied at the nape with a ribbon made of organza.

embellishment approx. 35 cm, excluding the organza ribbon
- polyester
- genuine baby's breath
- organza ribbon: 100% polyester
Lovingly handcrafted in Spain. Each piece is a unique specimen. From the product image deviating flower shape and colour deviations are possible and should be appreciated as part of its natural and unique character.
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