Cute hair band for flower girl Cute hair band for flower girl

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A great hair decoration that perfectly matches the scattered flower carpet and the way down the aisle is a delicate flower wreath decorated with real flowers and baby's breath or a narrow hair band. Alternatively, of course, you can choose a barrette with a flower to repeat the theme "flower child" in the outfit.
Cute flower children scatter a colorful carpet of flowers for the bride and groom on their way down the aisle. This custom comes from the pagan tradition and is supposed to give the bride and groom fertility and many children. Even if today the meaning of it is a little lost in many minds, it is still a popular program item at any wedding.
Children are proud companions of the romantic ceremony and are welcome to be included there. A beautiful custom and a popular task of the little ones is the scattering of flowers in the wedding aisle. But not only as flower children your loved ones can be perfectly integrated into the process. It is especially touching when your child brings the wedding rings to the altar on a velvety ring pillow.