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      Flat bridal shoes are available in various styles. Especially comfortable, they give you the freedom of movement you need for a wild wedding dance and to enjoy a comfortable all-day fit. Discover classic ballerinas, sandals with shiny metallic details, summery espadrilles, thong sandals and flat versions of Rachel Simpson's elegant wedding shoes in Art Deco style. For our urban, modern brides, we also offer cool sneakers, boots and ankle boots.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      It's not easy to find the right bridal shoe. It should match your wedding dress and style of the entire look or be a harmonious contrast . Whether a flat or a high heel is right for your wedding is primarily a matter of taste. At noni you will find a large selection of bridal shoes in several heights, colours, styles and designs.
      For many women pumps and stilettos with high heels are still a must - especially for the wedding - but not everyone is used to wearing heels or feels comfortable in them. Don't underestimate that you have to stand and walk a lot during the day of the wedding, which strains your feet in the long run, especially with high heeled bridal shoes. Flat bridal shoes are more gentle on your feet. Your bridal shoes definitely have to be **comfortable and wearable for a long time**, to avoid chafing straps, painful pressure or blisters.
      You can wear flat shoes with any wedding dress. Whether you're getting married in a knee-length, stylish midi length or floor length, flat shoes match with any length. Especially fancy bridal shoes with beautiful appliqués, fresh colours or glamorous or playful details should not be hidden under a long bridal skirt. Elegant bridal skirts or dresses in a flattering, airy calf length put your shoes in the limelight.
      At noni there is a great selection of flat shoe models in stylish metallic like gold, silver and rose gold, with glitter application, in vintage, art deco or boho style, ballet flats made of sustainable leather, airy sandals for summer weddings with beads, rhinestones or lace trim and - to match your noni wedding dress - light espadrilles covered with the most popular lace patterns.
      Of course you can order several shoes in different sizes, colours or styles. Please note that we only ship after receipt of payment. Make use of our 30-day return policy. Return within Germany is free of charge.
      **Please note: All items must be returned in perfect condition, including all original packaging, and shoes must have the protective plastic film on both soles.** Of course you can return all items of your order free of charge within 30 days after receiving your order at the noni online shop. Of you are not sure about a size or a model, feel free to order several models. When you try on the shoes you ordered at home please consider: Only try on the shoes on a carpet! Wooden or stone floors can easily scratch the noble soles. If you do not have a carpet at home you can use a blanket or a towel to try on the shoes. Please repack the shoes carefully and make sure that the heel of one shoe does not press on the leather of the other one. Depending on the manufacturer there might be a thin protective plastic film on the sole of your shoe. This film protects the sole only from light stress when trying on the shoes on a carpet. If you have chosen the right shoe for you can remove the film. Usually you can find the end of the foil at the heel of your shoe and can easily remove it -- but only if you are sure that you want to keep the shoe! Please use the shipping box that your order was delivered in or another sturdy box for the return. Do not use the shoe box itself as the shipping box!
      The choice of colour for flat wedding shoes depends on various factors, including the colour of the wedding dress, the bride's personal style and her preferences. Here are some tips for choosing the right colour for flat bridal shoes: Ivory or Champagne: If your [wedding dress](https://shop.noni-mode.de/en/collections/brautkleider-online) is in shades of ivory or champagne, you should try to find flat bridal shoes in a similar colour. The colour should ideally match that of your dress in order to create a harmonious overall picture. White: If your wedding dress is bright white, you can also wear white flat bridal shoes. Make sure that the shade of white of the shoe matches that of your dress, as there are different shades of white, from pure white to creamy white. Metallic Tones: Silver, gold, and rose gold are popular metallic colour options for flat bridal shoes. These neutral colours pair well with most wedding dresses and add a touch of elegance and glamour to your overall look. Nude or beige: Nude or beige tones are versatile and go well with many wedding dresses. They can complement the bride's skin tone and draw the focus to the dress. Colour accents: If you want, you can choose flat bridal shoes in a colour that matches your wedding colour scheme. This colour can be repeated throughout the wedding look as an accent on your shoes or accessories. Contrasting colours: Some brides deliberately choose flat bridal shoes in a contrasting colour to create an eye-catching look. This could be, for example, a deep blue, red or black. Personalization: Some brides choose flat bridal shoes in colours or designs that have personal meaning to them. This could be the bride and groom's favorite colour or a colour that has a special story. Floral Patterns or Embellishments: If your wedding dress contains embellishments or floral patterns, you can choose flat bridal shoes that incorporate these elements to create a harmonious look. Complementary Colours: Think about how the colour of your flat bridal shoes will complement the overall look of your wedding. Comfort and Style: Aside from the colour, you should always make sure that the flat bridal shoes are comfortable and fit your personal style. Comfort is especially important since you'll be spending all day in these shoes.
      Flat bridal shoes prices can vary greatly depending on various factors such as brand, materials, design and quality. Here are some guidelines to provide an overview of the price range for flat bridal shoes: Cheap flat bridal shoes: Cheap flat bridal shoes can be available from around 20 to 50 euros. These shoes are typically made from less expensive materials and may have simple designs. Mid-priced flat bridal shoes: Mid-priced flat bridal shoes are usually in the range of 50 to 150 euros. These shoes offer better quality, more choice in materials and designs, and often additional comfort. High-priced flat bridal shoes: High-priced flat bridal shoes can cost over 150 euros. These shoes are usually from reputable brands, made from high-quality materials such as silk or genuine leather, and may feature intricate embellishments or designer details. It is important to note that the choice and budget for flat bridal shoes depends heavily on the bride's individual preferences and financial capabilities. There are many options in different price ranges, and it is possible to find beautiful and comfortable flat bridal shoes that fit your budget. Remember to also consider the comfort and quality of the shoes. It may be worth investing in comfortable and well-made shoes to enjoy the day without pain.

      Flat bridal shoes – comfy yet elegant!

      Finding the right bridal shoes is not always easy. It should be special, match the style and color of the wedding dress perfectly, or create a harmonious contrast. Above all, you should feel really comfortable in the shoe. Because no bride wants to let aching feet, chafing straps or blisters on her toes ruin her mood at her wedding reception. Flat bridal shoes are therefore the optimal choice if a high level of comfort is particularly important to you.

      Today we'll prove to you with a few examples that flat wedding shoes can be just as elegant as they are comfortable and are in no way inferior to classics such as stiletto pumps, high heels or sandals when it comes to glamor.

      Flat wedding shoes: The most important aspects

      Flat bridal shoes play an important role in comfort and style at weddings. Here we will show you some aspects that can be relevant when choosing flat bridal shoes:

      1. Comfort

      Long periods of standing and walking: Wedding celebrations can last for hours, and the bride spends much of the day standing, walking and dancing. Flat bridal shoes provide the necessary comfort to enjoy these activities without pain or discomfort.

      Preventing fatigue: High heels can quickly lead to foot and leg pain, especially if the bride is not used to high heels. Flat shoes relieve pressure on the feet and ensure that the bride remains comfortable throughout the day.

      Better freedom of movement: Flat shoes allow for more natural movement and balance. This is especially important for brides who want to feel confident in their shoes as they walk down the aisle or on uneven terrain like a lawn or beach.

      Relaxed Dancing: When it comes to partying on the dance floor, flat shoes are often the preferred choice. They allow the bride to move freely and enjoy the dance floor without having to worry about sore feet.

      2. Style

      Elegant options: Flat bridal shoes are by no means boring or inconspicuous. There are many elegant and stylish flat shoe designs that can make the bride look stylish. This can include classic ballet flats, sandals, loafers or even specially designed flat bridal shoes.

      Creative accents: Flat shoes can have creative accents and embellishments that complement the style of the wedding outfit. These can be rhinestones, lace, beads or other decorative elements.

      Versatile options: Flat bridal shoes are versatile and can match different clothing styles and wedding themes. They can come in different colors and can even serve as a contrast to the wedding dress.

      Personal Expression: Choosing flat bridal shoes allows the bride to express her personal style. She can choose shoes that fit her personality and wedding style while feeling comfortable.

      Overall, flat bridal shoes offer the opportunity to combine comfort and style, allowing the bride to feel completely comfortable on her wedding day. The right pair of flat shoes can help make your day more enjoyable without sacrificing style or elegance.

      Most importantly, as a bride, you choose flat bridal shoes that she feels comfortable and confident in and that match her wedding look. The color of the shoes should fit harmoniously into the overall picture and correspond to your personal preferences.

      What makes flat wedding shoes so popular?

      Flat bridal shoes are a popular choice for brides for several reasons:

      A main reason brides choose flat shoes is, as mentioned above, comfort. Weddings can be long and tiring, with hours of standing, walking and dancing.

      Flat wedding shoes offer better stability and balance, especially for brides who don't typically wear high heels. This can help prevent accidents or falls, especially on uneven terrain or on the dance floor.

      Comfortable dancing and freedom of movement: Brides who enjoy dancing appreciate flat shoes as they allow dancing without discomfort or pain. You can let off steam without restrictions on the dance floor. Flat shoes also promote more natural movement and easier walking.

      Versatility: Flat bridal shoes are versatile and match different wedding styles and wedding dresses. They are available in a wide range of designs, materials and colors so that the bride can make the perfect choice. They can have decorative details, embellishments and accents that match the wedding outfit and complement the bride's personal style.

      Feet Health: For brides who already have foot problems, such as flat feet or heel spurs, flat shoes are often a healthier choice because they reduce stress on the feet.

      Styles & designs

      There is a wide range of styles and designs of flat bridal shoes to suit the different tastes and preferences of brides. Here are some of the most popular styles and designs:

      Ballerina flats: Ballerina flats are flat shoes with a rounded toe cap and a simple, elegant design. They are timeless and go well with classic wedding dresses.

      Shoes with Lace Embellishments: Flat bridal shoes with lace overlays are romantic and feminine. The lace can be used as an accent or as the main material of the shoe.

      Sandals: Sandals are airy and perfect for summer or beach weddings. You can choose simple leather sandals or those with elaborate embellishments.

      Slingback Shoes: Slingback shoes have a strap that goes around the heel to provide additional support. They are a stylish choice and often feature embellishments or detailed accents.

      Shoes with crystals or rhinestones: For brides who want a bit of glitz and glamor, there are flat bridal shoes with sparkling crystals or rhinestones.

      Shoes with floral accents: Floral patterns or floral embellishments are popular in bridal shoes. These accents can give the shoes a romantic or playful touch.

      Vintage Styles: Some brides prefer vintage-style flat bridal shoes inspired by decades past. This may include 1920s, 1950s, or 1960s style shoes.

      Shoes with Color Accents: If you're wearing a colored wedding dress or have pops of color in your wedding outfit, flat bridal shoes in the same color can be a great choice.

      Sparkly or metallic shoes: For a touch of extravagance, brides can choose flat shoes in sparkly or metallic colors, such as silver, gold or rose gold. They look great as an eye-catcher and a contrast to the usually light wedding dress.

      Transparent Shoes: Transparent shoes are fashionable and can match different wedding outfits. They give the look a certain lightness.

      Shoes with ribbons or bows: Bows or ribbons on shoes can look sweet and playful and give the outfit a romantic touch.

      Bridal Sneakers: Sneakers are a modern and casual alternative to traditional wedding shoes. These shoes are specially designed for brides and combine the comfort and sporty style of sneakers with elegant and stylish elements that match wedding dresses.

      Espadrilles: Espadrilles are light, flat shoes that have their origins in the Mediterranean region and are characterized by characteristic features such as raffia soles and summery design. Modern espadrilles can also be worn in more formal settings.

      Find the matching flat shoes to round up your bridal look

      Choosing the right flat shoes for your bridal look requires careful consideration and matching to your wedding dress as well as your personal style and comfort needs.

      Consider what your wedding dress looks like and what type of flat shoes would go best with it. The color, style and length of the dress play an important role.

      Also consider the style of the wedding: The style or theme of the wedding (e.g. rustic, vintage, modern) can influence what type of flat shoes fits best. For example, espadrilles or lace ballet flats go well with a vintage wedding theme or a summer celebration.

      Think about the venue: The location can influence your choice of bridal shoes. If you're getting married on a beach or meadow, flat shoes are more practical than high heels.

      Consider whether you want shoes made from a specific material, such as lace, satin, silk, or glitter. The decorations on the shoes should match the style of your dress.

      Match the shoes to other accessories you will wear, such as a veil, jewelry, belt or bridal bag.

      Set a budget for your flat bridal shoes in advance so that you stay within your financial means.

      Try on a selection of flat shoes with your wedding dress to make sure they go well together and you feel comfortable in them.

      Colour up!

      Are you a big shoe lover and white seems somehow too boring for you? No problem - there is now a huge selection of colored bridal shoes that are as elegant as they match your wedding dress. Sandals or flats in gold or silver with a shiny metallic surface are particularly easy to combine. This contrast looks particularly glamorous and is a beautiful complement to the wedding white.

      Pastel tones such as mint, rosé and light blue are also beautiful and ideal for many wedding styles. For particularly courageous brides, you can find some unusual models from Rachel Simpson in deep red, purple and green in our online shop.

      Flat bridal shoes – The benefits

      High heel pumps and stilettos are still a must for many brides, but not every woman is used to or comfortable wearing heels. Many people also underestimate the fact that you have to stand and walk a lot on the day of the wedding: wedding ceremony, champagne reception, party in the evening, small talk in between and receiving congratulations from the guests. Maybe before or after a bridal couple shoot with the wedding photographer for atmospheric souvenir photos, not forgetting the obligatory wedding dance - all of this can put a strain on your feet in the long run, especially with high bridal shoes.

      If you have wider feet, please also note: the higher the bridal shoe, the more you will slide forward into the toe cap, where the shoe becomes narrower. Shoes with flat heels give your feet more space.

      Flat bridal shoe models are therefore becoming increasingly popular. Not only because they are gentler on the feet, but also because there are many brides who are tall or only slightly shorter or even taller than the groom, so high heels are out of the question.

      Brides who get married in the peak season, i.e. spring and summer, often choose sandals because they are no longer just intended for the beach. In our online shop we now have a wide range of bridal sandals and elegant toe kicks. Here you will find both simple models in ivory, but also playful or opulent models with fabric flowers, rhinestones or metallic accents.

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      Find your perfect bridal flats in the noni webshop

      In our online shop we have a large selection of flat bridal shoe models in metallic tones such as gold, silver and rose gold, with glitter applications or purist. You will also find beautiful flats in vintage, art deco or boho styles with pearls, rhinestones or lace trim. Ballerina flats made of sustainable leather, airy sandals for the summer wedding with pearls, rhinestones or lace trim and - to match your noni wedding dress - light espadrilles covered with the most popular lace patterns from our wedding dresses.

      The glamorous bridal shoes from the American shoe label Bella Belle Shoes feature luxurious details such as lace or rhinestones and give you an exciting look even with flat heels.

      How to style your wedding flats in everyday life

      Flat bridal shoes are extremely versatile and can be worn with both everyday clothing and formal occasions.

      1. Everyday clothing:

      Jeans and T-Shirt: Wear your bridal flats with jeans and a simple T-shirt for a casual yet feminine look.

      Summer dresses: Flat wedding shoes go great with light summer dresses. This is a comfortable and breezy look for warm days.

      Maxi dresses: A long maxi dress combined with flat shoes gives you a relaxed boho-chic look even after the wedding.

      Skirts: Whether it's a pencil skirt or a flared skirt, flats complement skirts of different lengths and styles.

      Shorts: Flat bridal shoes are a great choice for shorts, especially in the warmer months. Bridal espadrilles, sandals and sneakers are ideal here.

      Flat bridal shoes can also be worn on formal occasions with cocktail dresses or evening gowns, especially if you opt for a comfortable yet elegant look. They also go well with pant suits or trouser combinations, especially for less formal business occasions.

      It's important to coordinate the colours and design of your flats with your everyday clothing or your formal outfit. This way you can ensure that your look looks harmonious and stylish. Flat bridal shoes offer you enough flexibility and comfort for a variety of occasions and outfits, thereby demonstrating real sustainability.

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