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Finding the right bridal shoe is not always easy. He shouldto fit the wedding dress and style of the entire lookOrconsistent contrastBe.

Whether a flat or a high shoe for the wedding is the right thing for you, is primarily a matter of taste.

At noni you will find a wide selection of bridal shoes in different heights, colours, styles and designs in the showroom and in the online shop.

For many women, high – heeled Pumps and Stilettos are still a must – especially for weddings-but not everyone is used to wearing high shoes or feels comfortable in them. Many also underestimate the fact that you have to stand and walk a lot on the day of the wedding, which strains your feet in the long run, especially with high bridal shoes.

Flat bridal shoes are more gentle on your feet, heels and balls. Your bridal shoes must definitelycomfortable and long wearablebecause what woman wants to have chafing straps, painful pressure marks or blisters on her toes or heels on her big day?

There are also many brides who are tall and, for example, only marginally smaller or even larger than the groom, so high heels are often out of the question for these brides.

You can wear flat shoes to any wedding dress. Whether you're knee-length, stylish midi-length or floor-length, flat shoes can be combined with any length.

Especially unusual bridal shoes with beautiful appliqués, fresh colors or glamorous or playful details you should not let disappear under a long bridal skirt. Elegant bridal skirts or dresses in flattering, airy calf length, for example, put your shoes in a great spotlight.

At noni there is a great selection of flat shoe models in stylish metallic tones such as gold, silver and rose gold, withglitter application, in vintage, art déco or boho style,ballerinas of sustainable leatherairy sandals for summer weddings with pearls, rhine or lace brideand – fitting yoursnoni bride dress– lightweightEspadrilesrelated to the most popular top patterns of our wedding dresses.

You can order the shoes online and have a 14-day return right and free return within Germany.

Of course you can order several shoes in different sizes, colors or styles home. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your bridal shoes-right away, finding the perfect shoe is an absolute rarity.

Please note that we only send after the payment has been made, an online purchase on account or by cash on delivery is not possible.

You have a 14-day return right, and within Germany the return is free of charge for you.