Elegant Gold Bracelet with Chain Links Elegant Gold Bracelet with Chain Links

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The boho look radiates closeness to nature and colourful vitality. Materials for this type of jewellery include small rock crystals, leather straps, feathers and delicate link chains. Matching the trendy hippie chic are bangles or bracelets in several layers, with colourful stones or small metal plates, for the ultimate Gypsy look. Curved upper arm cuffs are also great with the boho wedding dress.
Upper arm cuffs are metal bangles that can be pressed together a little for fastening and thus sit firmly in the desired arm area. Upper arm cuffs are the perfect accessory for the trendy boho look. With curved ends, multiple wraps or even purist, elegant, timeless arm jewellery - cuffs can be combined with many occasions and also with wedding dresses.