Bargain wedding dresses

      Are you looking for a bargain wedding dress? At noni we offer you a great selection of reduced wedding dresses: permanently reduced bridal tops, skirts and trousers for individual two-piece registry office looks as well as outlet bridal fashion with small cosmetic flaws.
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      Modern wedding dresses at a small prize

      Do you want a modern wedding dress that is simple, elegant and affordable? At noni, we offer you a range of high-quality wedding dresses that are particularly suitable for the registry office.
      Combine bridal skirts of any length with tops and bodies with special details and create your own, very special look for the big day without straining your budget.

      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln
      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln
      Kurze Brautkleider

      Civil wedding dresses at reduced prices

      Especially for weddings at the registry office, you can find affordable yet special bridal fashion at noni. Knee-short, calf-length or even floor-length outfits can be styled with simple tops or lace tops. The flexible mix & match concept makes it possible. Whatever you like is allowed. Even if you already have a component of your registry office outfit, it's a good idea to browse through us and complete your look.

      Chiffonrock in Midi-Länge, Emmi Eco noni mit Norine-Braut Top
      Braut-Spitzentop in weiß, Violet noni mit Midi-Chiffonrock
      Kurze Brautkleider
      Brautkleid Zweiteiler
      Kurze Brautkleider
      Kurzarm-Jäckchen aus Boho Spitze in Ivory, Calista noni
      Braut Body aus Blätterspitze mit langem Rock in Ivory mit Seitenschlitz und Futter in Blush, Willow noni
      Lace wedding dresses

      For many brides, lace is an inseparable part of a romantic and feminine wedding look. Even if you have a smaller budget, you don't have to miss out on delicate patterns and playful details.

      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln
      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln
      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln

      Puristic bargain wedding dresses

      Even purists will get their money's worth at noni. Our simple wedding dresses are uncomplicated, but still impress with sophisticated details such as back cutouts or special silhouettes.

      Schlichte Brautkleider
      Schlichte Brautkleider

      How much does a wedding dress cost?

      The cost of a wedding dress can vary greatly and depends on various factors, such as:

      • Designer and brand: A wedding dress from a well-known designer or brand can be significantly more expensive than a dress from a lesser-known brand.
      • Style and design: Intricate details, embroidery, lace, beading, and other embellishments can increase the price of a wedding dress.
      • Materials: The type of fabrics used for the dress can also have a big impact on the price. High-quality fabrics like silk and lace are often more expensive than synthetic materials.
      • Adjustments and made-to-measure: If the wedding dress needs to be adjusted or tailored to fit perfectly, additional costs may apply.

      In general, wedding dresses can range in price from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros or even more for particularly luxurious designer dresses. It's important to set a budget and explore different options to find a wedding dress that suits both your style and your available price range.

      noni wedding dresses are designed in Cologne with great attention to detail and the greatest care. We attach great importance to the sustainability factor of our dresses: Our noni two-piece suits in particular can be worn again and again after the wedding and integrated into your everyday wardrobe, for example you can later wear your lace top with your favorite jeans or as a topper with a colored dress.

      This applies to our bridal fashion in the regular range, but of course also to our reduced styles and the noni outlet items.

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      Don't miss our promotions & special offers

      We have discounted tops and skirts up to 75% cheaper, starting at around €130. You can save even more with our promotions, which we offer at regular intervals in our shop and which often include our standard range. To make sure you don't miss any offers, subscribe to noni on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter.

      Kurzarm-Jäckchen aus Boho Spitze in Ivory, Calista noni zu Midi-Brautkleid
      Braut Hosenanzug
      Brautkleider mit Ärmeln
      Brautkleider online kaufen

      Order your bargain wedding dress online

      All reduced sale and outlet wedding dresses are immediately available in our online shop and - unless otherwise noted - reach you within the specified delivery time. This makes our affordable wedding dresses ideal for short-term weddings. If you would rather visit us on site and get a bargain on your bridal outfit, stop by the noni outlet in Cologne. Book a suitable appointment. In addition to our wedding dresses, our outlet shoes, jewellery and other accessories and our preloved range of second-hand bridal fashion await you there. We look forward to seeing you!

      Brautkleider online kaufen