Bridal Espadrilles


      Espadrilles are a comfortable alternative to classic wedding shoes to slip into comfortably. The loafers are made of airy natural materials like cotton or linen and the sole is wrapped with raffia, hemp, cork or sisal. Espadrilles harmonise with your boho wedding dress and easily fit in your bag for a shoe change in a wild party night.

      In our noni online store we have espadrilles with ribbons, simple slip-on shoes in different colours, wedge heels or espadrilles with lace. To make your bridal look perfect, we have also made some of the summery shoe models from the matching lace of popular noni lace toppers.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      **Please note: We can only take shoes back if the shoes, protective film (if present) and packaging are in perfect condition.** At noni you can of course return all items from your order. So if you are not sure about a size or model, you can of course order several variants. When trying on the shoes you have ordered: only try the shoes on on carpet! If you don't have a carpet, you can put a blanket or towel underneath to try the shoe on. Please repack the shoes carefully. For the return shipment, use our or another sturdy box and not the shoe box as the actual shipping box.
      Wedges are a comfortable alternative to classic bridal shoes and, thanks to natural materials such as cork, wood, bast or sisal, go perfectly with Boho wedding dresses. "Wedge" describes the wedge heel shape of the shoe. Wedges with raffia heels are a feminine version of classic espadrilles and make you long for summer, the beach and the sea.
      Espadrilles are summery slip-ons that you can slip into comfortably. Classically, these airy shoes are made of natural materials such as cotton or linen. Their flat heel is often covered with a weave of knotted plant fibres such as raffia, flax or sisal and connected to the upper material by rough stitches.