Undershirts for Lace Tops

      You have put together your own individual wedding dress according to the mix & match principle and now you need the matching underwear for your transparent lace top? Discover a large selection of plain underwear tops and corsages made of cuddly materials.
      Depending on the cut of your bridal top, you can combine matching undershirts with thin straps, V-necks, bandeau tops or cropped tops made of fine knitwear. Our underwear shirts are kept in classic wedding white and nude to not distract from your wedding outfit.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Depending on which wedding dress you choose, you can choose between different options. Is your dress backless it is advisable to wear an underwear top with a wide cut-out at the back. If you're going to wear a cropped two-piece suit, you can wear a crop top. You can match the colour to your dress. To classic ivory we recommend choosing white, nude or blush coloured tops.
      This seductive piece of clothing is perfect for a wedding, because it impresses with its simple elegance. The corset fits perfectly women who want to emphasize their feminine silhouette. Our corsets are suitable as a romantic top for a wedding dress or as a simple one Lining top for under lace top.