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      A bridal handbag is an essential accessory for your wedding. It finishes off your bridal look and you can safely store the most important things in it. Due to us you are spoilt for choice - whether you want a simple clutch, a classic leather handbag, a bridal bag with a fine link chain or a large straw bag with handle. In this category you can find the perfect accessory to compliment your wedding dress. Our bridal bags are made of fine leather, but we also carry bags made of vegan material in a variety of colors and sizes.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A bridal bag is a wonderful accessory to complete your bridal look. Classically, you would choose a colour for the bag that harmonises with your wedding dress and does not overpower it. Delicate, pastel tones and a small, handy are perfect for a noble look. If you want to set a color accent with your bridal handbag, then you should pick up the color of your shoes or the flower bouquet for a perfectly coordinated look.
      You will use your bridal hand bag to pocket only the most important things, without which you would not be able to survive your wedding. Tissues are indispensable for emotional moments. In order to be able to spontaneously capture these moments, be sure to not forget your smartphone. And then there are the essentials: lipstick, safety pin, deodorant, an extra pair of pantyhose, money, ID and the key to the honeymoon suite should not be missing.
      Bridal bags are traditionally in delicate, pastel shades so as not to distract from your wedding dress. Currently, shimmering metallic surfaces and gold tones are especially trendy to give your bridal look an extra dose of glamour. But you can also be a little brave. Depending on the look, a little splash of color is a very special highlight.

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      Handbag and clutch for the wedding

      A bridal bag or clutch is not only a practical and indispensable accessory for your wedding, but can also make a great statement with a special color or material. Find tips here on how to find the perfect bag for your wedding.

      Style & Form
      Which bag for the wedding dress?

      Whether you have chosen a wedding dress in a classic, romantic, modern or vintage/boho look, there are a variety of bridal bags and clutches to match your favorite look. Elegant bags or clutches embroidered with pearls or sequins are perfect for a simple wedding dress, while a simple bridal bag is more suitable for a romantic two-piece with lace. An elegant, shimmering surface can be a wonderful contrast to the playful lace.

      Handbag for the wedding
      Size and functionality of the bridal bag

      The bag or clutch that will accompany you on your wedding day should definitely be big enough to hold your most important items such as lipstick, tissues, your phone and maybe even a small emergency kit. At the same time, it should have a small handbag format so that it doesn't restrict your freedom of movement. A clutch with a detachable shoulder strap can be practical, especially if you want to have your hands free to dance or hug your guests.

      A sustainable accessory
      Timelessly elegant bridal bags

      When looking for the perfect bridal bag, it can be tempting to be inspired by current trends. But if you want to enjoy this beautiful accessory for a long time after the wedding, it is advisable to choose a simple model. Timeless bridal bags or a classic clutch in a neutral color such as white, ivory or champagne will always look elegant, go with almost all wedding dresses and can be perfectly combined with jeans and a T-shirt.