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In general, it is important not to steal the show as the bride's wedding guest. In the vast majority of cases, wearing clothing in Ivory, White or Cream is not desirable, as these shades are clearly essential for the Wedding dressreserved. For example, a conspicuous color such as signal red should be Accessoriesfind again.

Often, female wedding guests forgo black dresses, but at modern weddings it is no longer a problem to appear in the "little black". Alternatively, a dark blue looks just as elegant and festive as black.

At many weddings there is a dress code, which is given by the newlyweds before the celebration. If the bride and groom wish to explicitly colorful wardrobe with their guests, you can choose from the large colour palette in good conscience. If you are unsure about the colour or style of your outfit, contact the groomsmen or the newlyweds in advance.

As a wedding guest, be careful not to show too much skin in the church or at the registry office during the wedding ceremony. Shoulder-free and sleeveless dresses as well as low-cut décolletés should, for example, be fitted with a coloured Boleroor a Stolebe covered.

Bridesmaids, mother of the bride or maid of honor usually coordinate their outfit with the look of the bride. For example, the pattern of the wedding dress can be found as a quote in the dresses of the wedding guests - in a different color, of course! Many brides go straight to their bridesmaids, maid of honor and mother Wedding dress searchand take the opportunity to determine a harmonious outfit for your female entourage.