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      In order to look perfect on your big day, it's not just about your wedding dress and the matching accessories: 

      The perfect bridal underwear is just as essential - after all, nothing should shine through, it should provide perfect support, but it should also not pinch or constrict.

      Find pretty robes for your getting ready shoot, the right underwear for your bridal outfit and flirty lingerie for your honeymoon. 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Bridal lingerie: The most important rule

      In general, on the big day, the underwear under the wedding dress must be one thing above all: practical and comfortable and very comfortable to wear. The ideal bridal underwear offers its wearer optimal freedom of movement, does not slip, reliably covers everything that needs to be covered and does not reveal any unwanted glances.

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      Which lingerie matches a light coloured wedding dress?

      The majority of brides choose a wedding dress in classic white, ivory or cream. Bridal underwear from the same color family seems obvious at first glance, but is only suitable to a limited extent because it usually shines through the light or transparent material of the wedding dress. This is particularly the case with wedding dresses made of flowing fabrics such as chiffon or soft tulle.

      However, you can wear white underwear if you want a tone-on-tone look: simple corsages, crop tops or bralettes in white or cream are suitable with patterned lace tops in the same color if you don't want to appear too “naked” and have too much skin want to show.

      If you want an opaque effect, it's best to choose underwear that most closely matches your skin tone.
      The vast majority of underwear stores offer a wide range of colors, so you can find the right item for every skin tone.

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      Which bra matches which neckline?

      There are a variety of different necklines in fashion, and wedding dresses are no different. No matter whether it's a V-neck, a bateau neckline, an off-the-shoulder style or a low-cut back: there's a bra to suit every dress.
      Bras with removable straps, self-adhesive adhesive bras without a back and straps, as well as bras, bralettes and bustiers with extra deep necklines that mimic the cut of the dress or bridal top are just a few of the many solutions you can rely on - without worry to have your laundry shine through.

      For brides who love backless looks but don't want to do without their favorite bra, there are so-called bra extensions that create a free back in no time.

      Fashion tape in many variations, adhesive pads with a lifting effect and nipple covers are also practical aids for anyone who doesn't want a bra with their wedding dress.

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      Bridal shape wear

      The fabric plays a crucial role in simple wedding dresses as it significantly influences the appearance, texture and comfort of the dress. Here are some important aspects of the role of fabric in simple wedding dresses:

      Elegance and aesthetics: The fabric significantly influences the aesthetic effect of the wedding dress. Simple wedding dresses are often made from fine and elegant fabrics that give a timeless and classic look. Popular fabrics for simple wedding dresses include silk, satin, chiffon, organza and tulle.

      Texture and feel: The fabric determines the texture and feel of the dress. A shiny satin fabric can give a luxurious look, while chiffon creates a light and flowing effect. The choice of fabric can influence the perception of the dress from smooth and shiny to soft and romantic.

      Comfort and freedom of movement: Comfort is an important factor when choosing the fabric for a wedding dress. Simple wedding dresses are often designed to be comfortable and allow the bride freedom of movement. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like chiffon or organza are ideal for summer weddings, while satin or silk can add a luxurious touch.

      Draping and Cut: The fabric influences the way the wedding dress drapes and falls. A flowing fabric like chiffon can create a soft and romantic drape, while satin can create a structured and elegant look. The cut of the dress can also be emphasized by the fabric chosen.

      Adaptability: Another important aspect is the adaptability of the fabric. Some materials are better at highlighting details such as pleats, ruffles or lace appliqués, while other fabrics remain simple and smooth. The choice of fabric should therefore be coordinated with the desired design of the wedding dress.

      Care and Maintenance: The care and maintenance of the wedding dress also depends on the fabric chosen. Some fabrics require special attention and cleaning, while others are easier to care for.

      Overall, the fabric plays an essential role in the design and production of simple wedding dresses as it influences the aesthetic appeal, comfort and adaptability of the dress. The choice of the right fabric should be made carefully to ensure that the wedding dress meets the bride's expectations and makes her wedding a special event.

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