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      Non-white wedding dresses – modernity & style

      The tradition of wearing white wedding dresses has a long history and is closely linked to cultural, social and fashion developments:

      Early Civilizations: In many ancient cultures, wedding dresses were not necessarily worn in white. For example, in some cultures red symbolized luck and fertility. In other cultures, women wore dresses of different colours depending on regional customs and traditions.

      European Middle Ages: In the European Middle Ages, blue and gold were often popular colours for wedding dresses because they were considered regal and representative. White dresses were sometimes worn, but they were not the predominant choice.

      Queen Victoria and the 19th century: The spread of white wedding dresses was largely influenced by the British Queen Victoria in 1840. Victoria wore a white wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Albert, and the image of the royal bride in white was well received by the general public. This helped white wedding dresses become popular as a sign of purity and innocence.

      Symbolism of Purity: The choice of white as the colour for wedding dresses was associated with virtue and purity. This is reflected in the traditional idea that white is the absence of colour and therefore represents innocence. This symbolic value increased the preference for white wedding dresses over time.

      Mass Media and Pop Culture: Throughout the 20th century, films, fashion magazines, and celebrities reinforced the idea that white wedding dresses were the ideal choice for modern brides. Celebrity weddings, especially royal weddings, have had a strong influence on bridal fashion.

      Diversity in the Modern Age: Although white wedding dresses remain very popular, modern brides have a wide range of colour options to choose from. Many choose colours that reflect their personality or cultural background.

      In conclusion, the tradition of white wedding dresses is historically and culturally rooted. However, the decision for a specific colour depends largely on individual preferences, cultural influences and fashion trends.

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      Backless wedding dresses are generally suitable for many brides, but there are certain factors and considerations that can be taken into account when making the decision:

      Confident Brides: Backless dresses reveal the bride's back area and require a certain level of self-confidence. If you feel comfortable in a backless dress and enjoy showing off some of your back and some bare skin, it could be the right choice for you.

      Weddings in Warmer Months: Dresses with low backs are often airy and light, making them ideal for spring or summer weddings. If your wedding is taking place in a warm season, backless dresses could be a comfortable and stylish option.

      Emphasize a beautiful back: If you are happy with your back and want to particularly emphasize this area, backless dresses are a great option.

      Modern and trendy wedding dresses: Backless dresses often radiate modernity and elegance. If you're looking for a contemporary and trendy look, a backless wedding dress could perfectly suit your style.

      Different styles: Backless dresses come in different styles, from simple and modern to romantic and vintage. Regardless of your preferred style, there is bound to be a backless wedding dress that suits you and your preferences.

      Customizable Designs: Backless wedding dresses often offer a variety of neckline options, from deep V-necks to illusion backs with lace. This allows brides to adjust the level of openness to suit their personal preferences.

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      Why choose a coloured wedding dress?

      Personal style and preferences: A coloured wedding dress allows you as a bride to express your personal style and choose something that suits your personality. Some brides simply feel more comfortable in a different colour or identify more with a certain colour palette.

      Cultural Meaning: In many cultures, certain colours have symbolic meaning. Choosing a coloured wedding dress can therefore be in line with cultural traditions and values. For example, in some Asian cultures, brides often wear red dresses because red symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

      Uniqueness and individuality: A coloured wedding dress stands out from the crowd and gives the wedding a special touch. It's a way to break away from traditional expectations and emphasize individuality. This uniqueness can also be wonderfully expressed in photos.

      Themed weddings: For weddings with a specific theme, choosing a non-white wedding dress can fit perfectly with the overall concept. For example, wedding dresses in pastel colours might be ideal for a vintage wedding, while deeper shades might be suitable for a fall or winter wedding.

      Repeated Use: A coloured wedding gown can often be worn again after the wedding, be it for special occasions, anniversaries or other celebratory events. Unlike an all-white dress, which may not be as versatile, a colored dress offers more possibilities for reuse.

      Complementing Skin Tone: Some brides find that certain colours complement their skin tone better than traditional white. Choosing a colour that goes well with her complexion can help the bride shine.

      Practical reasons: White clothes are often more prone to stains and soiling. A coloured wedding dress can therefore be a practical choice for brides who are planning their wedding in places with lots of nature or outdoors.

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      Non-white dresses: The most popular colourways

      The popularity of certain colours in non-white wedding dresses varies depending on the season, current fashion trends and individual preferences. Here are some options that are particularly popular:

      Blush and Pink: Pink tones, especially blush (a pale shade of pink), are very popular among brides. These colours give the wedding dress a feminine and delicate character. Pink is also a popular choice for romantic and vintage weddings.

      Blue: Light blue wedding dresses are a modern choice that brings a touch of freshness and elegance. Blue can also have a symbolic meaning as it represents loyalty and loyalty.
      Dark blue wedding dresses look elegant and offer the opportunity to emphasize the bride's personality and show an individual style that stands out from traditional colours.

      Mint green and sage green: For an unconventional touch, some brides opt for green wedding dresses. Mint green and sage green are popular options that create a fresh and natural atmosphere.

      Lavender and lilac: Delicate lavender and lilac tones give wedding dresses a romantic and dreamy touch. These colours are particularly popular for spring and summer weddings.

      Red: In some cultures, red is a traditional wedding colour that symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Even in Western cultures, bold brides opt for bold red tones to create a dramatic effect.

      Grey: Grey wedding dresses are definitely an option and are considered an elegant and modern choice by some brides. Gray is a versatile colour that is often associated with elegance, neutrality and sophistication. A grey wedding dress can give a modern and timeless look that is both chic and understated. It can blend well with different wedding colour schemes, be it pastel floral arrangements, colourful bridal bouquets or eye-catching accessories.

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      Black wedding dresses

      Black wedding dresses are quite a modern and bold choice, and more and more brides are choosing to wear black as the colour of their wedding dress. They are unconventional and stand out from the traditional palette of white, ivory and other pastel colours. Brides looking to emphasize their own unique style will find a black wedding dress an avant-garde option.

      Elegance and Drama: Black exudes elegance and drama. A black wedding dress can create a glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere, especially for evening weddings or in an elegant setting.

      Confident expression: Brides who want to free themselves from traditional ideas and emphasize their personality and self-confidence often choose black wedding dresses because this color often symbolizes strength, power and individuality.

      Sustainability: A black wedding dress can often be worn again after the wedding, be it for special occasions, events or other celebratory occasions.

      Combining with Accents: Black wedding dresses can be paired with different accents and accessories to achieve the desired look. Silver, gold, red or white can be used as accents to create contrast.

      Themed weddings: For weddings with a specific theme, such as gothic or vintage weddings, a black dress can be a perfect fit and emphasize the desired ambience.

      Black wedding dresses do not suit everyone's taste and may not meet the expectations of certain cultural or family traditions. Before you choose a black wedding dress, you should make sure that your partner and family are okay with this unconventional choice. Ultimately, choosing a wedding dress is always a very personal decision: you should feel comfortable and confident in your dress.

      Which accessories go best with non-white wedding dresses?

      Choosing accessories for a non-white wedding dress depends largely on the specific colour of the dress and, of course, your personal taste. However, here are some general recommendations that can serve as a starting point:

      Jewellery in complementary colours: Choose jewellery in colours that harmonize well with the colour of the dress. Gold, silver, rose gold, or pearls are often safe options that can match different colours. For example, if the dress is blue, silver or white accessories can be a nice addition.

      Veil or hair accessory: A veil or hair accessory can add an extra touch of elegance and glamour. Choose a veil or hair accessory that coordinates well with the color of the dress and emphasizes the style of the wedding.

      Shoes in contrasting colours: The shoes can be a great way to add a subtle or striking contrast to the wedding dress. Coloured wedding shoes that harmonize with or contrast with the dress can add an interesting accent.

      Belt or waist band: A colour-coordinated belt or sash can accentuate the waist and add additional detail to the dress. This can also be a way to reinforce the colour scheme.

      Clutch or handbag: A colour-coordinated clutch or handbag can not only be practical, but also complete the entire look.

      Bouquet: The bouquet is an important part of the wedding outfit. Choose flowers that complement the colour of the dress and accent with leaves or ribbon in a matching colour.

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      Real brides in coloured wedding dresses

      You can see how some of our lovely noni brides wear their personal favorite outfit in colour on their big day:

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