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      A bridal belt, or waist belt, perfectly adds a touch of colour to your bridal look. Bridal belts complete a simple look or allow to drape your bridal sweater individually on your wedding dress.

      Whether in trendy metallic look, with casual ribbons to tie, or glamorous with sparkling gemstones - find the right accessory for your wedding dress, your bridal separates look or your favorite everyday outfit in our online shop.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A waist belt enhances simple wedding dresses and modern two-pieces with a colourful detail or glittering embellishments. The modern bridal accessory harmonises perfectly with tulle skirts and lace tops and turns even simple basics into a real eye-catcher look.
      A waist belt, unlike a normal belt, only decorates your waist with a colourful highlight and creates a slim silhouette. That's why it's also a particularly beautiful accessory for curvy women who want to emphasise their feminine curves.
      A bridal belt is a band that is worn at the narrowest part of your body, your waist. The waist belt is often fastened with long ribbons to wrap or with a simple buckle. The bridal accessory matches with simple wedding dresses or modern two-piece looks.

      Bridal Sashes & belts: A short shopping guide

      Bridal belts or sashes are beautiful accessories that gives your wedding dress elegance and a touch of individuality. Here we will give you some tips to find the perfect belt for your wedding dress.

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      Consider style & design of your wedding dress

      When purchasing a bridal belt, it is important to consider the style of the wedding dress. Decide whether you want a belt that is subtle and simple or flashy and glamorous. The belt should complement or highlight the style and silhouette of your dress.

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      Match the colour of your wedding dress

      Make sure the colour of your bridal belt or sash matches your dress perfectly. Many belts come in classic white or ivory, but you can also choose colours that add an accent or match your wedding theme. Sashes in metallic tones such as rose gold, silver or gold are still popular. They serve as extravagant eye-catchers as a contrast to the light wedding dress; with blush skirts you can use a pink to match the colour.

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      Materials & embellishments

      Consider whether you want a sash with pearls, rhinestones, lace, satin, or other embellishments. Choose materials and embellishments that enhance the style and atmosphere of your wedding.

      Find the right fit

      Either way, make sure the belt fits properly and is comfortable. A belt that is too tight can be uncomfortable and restrict your freedom of movement, while a belt that is too loose may not provide the desired emphasis on the waist.

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      Budget & schedule

      Before shopping, determine the budget you want to spend on your bridal sash. There are a variety of options at different prices, so you're sure to find something that fits your price range budget.
      Start looking for your bridal accessories early so you have enough time to compare different options, styles and sizes.

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