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If you don't have a way to personal wedding dress-advice and then a sample in the noni showroom in Cologne, because you live further away or do not have enough lead time, since you are more likely to spontaneously marry, we recommend ordering your wedding dress online in our shop.

All noni outfits are well suited for a wedding dress online purchase, because due to their fit and dimensions, usually only small adjustments are necessary, which you can make of a good change cutter of your trust. Even our two-part dividers are very flexible in their fit and can be ordered easily online.

Of course you have a 14-day return rightSo that you can also order several parts to choose from and decide in peace.

All important information about bridal gown online we have in a small post here for you together.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you-Melde you through the chat or our Contact Form.