Bridal Tiaras & Headbands

      A beautiful hairband or a sparkling tiara give your wedding outfit the finishing touch.
      Whether you want it to match your wedding dress or add a little contrast, you'll find a great selection of wedding hairbands and tiaras in the noni online shop that you can wear as statement accessories on countless occasions.
      Whether with beads, filigree flowers, rhinestones or gemstones - you surely find the right headpiece for your grand entrance.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      With the tiaras in the noni online shop, you usually have several options: Wear the bridal tiara as a headband or hairband. Either the tiara is tied in the back of the head with a ribbon or the headpiece is fixed with small combs on the left and right side.
      All headpieces can be worn with both long and short hair - it is also entirely up to you whether you combine your hairband or tiara with your hair open, with a bun or with another updo.
      Your wedding dress surely remains the highlight of your outfit. However, you can add small details with matching hair accessories and accentuate or complement the style of your dress. A dress in boho style can be perfectly complemented by a tiara with small beads or rhinestones, making it appear even more glamorous. In Clean Chic, you can create surprising features with an eye-catching tiara, for example with colourful gems or beads.

      A short shopping guide to bridal tiaras & hairbands

      Bridal tiaras and headbands are beautiful accessories that can add a royal touch to your look on the big day. In order to find the right wedding hair accessories for you, we have put together some important and useful tips for you.

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      Consider style & design of your wedding dress

      When it comes to accessories such as bridal tiaras or headbands, it is also important to take the style of your wedding dress into account. Decide whether you are looking for a classic, romantic or modern hair accessory to complete your look.

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      Find the right fit

      Make sure the tiara or headband fits well and is comfortable. Try on different styles to find the best fit and choose a style that isn't too heavy and will keep you comfortable all day long.

      Match your hair accessories with your hair style

      How would you like to style your hair for the big day? Choose a tiara or headband that fits your desired look. Some accessories pair better with updos, while others also look good with open or half-up hairstyles.

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      Match the colour & embellishments of your wedding dress

      The colour and embellishments of the tiara or headband should of course harmonize with your wedding dress. Whether you choose pearls, crystals, flowers or other details, the accessory should reflect your personal style and stylishly complement your wedding outfit.

      Budget & schedule

      Before shopping, determine the budget you want to spend on your bridal tiara or headband. There are a variety of options at different prices, so you're sure to find something that fits your price range budget.
      Start looking for your bridal accessories early so you have enough time to compare different options, styles and sizes.

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