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      Elegant bridal pants or cool jumpsuits are the modern alternative to a bridal skirt or dress. Flowing fabrics and wide, flared legs mimic the classic silhouette and ensure a grand entrance. Choose pants or a jumpsuit in traditional white for an extravagant, yet feminine bridal look. To complete the bridal trousersuit, combine both playful boho lace tops and purist tops, blousons, blazers and capes with the elegant pants.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Trousers, a suit or a jumpsuit for the bride never are less festive and feminine than a traditional wedding dress.

 At noni you'll find culottes and jumpsuits to look stylish and elegant at your wedding. Deliberately minimalist in both cut and design, our bridal pants and bridal jumpsuits captivate with their small, refined details. With their sleek style, they also match well with lace toppers, boleros, capes and jackets to create an individual look.
      Getting married in a bridal jumpsuit or bridal trousers in combination with a chic top or bodysuit instead of a traditional wedding dress allows for various advantages:  - Wear jumpsuits and trousers on many occasions after the wedding, whether in formal meetings or as a stylish upgrade for everyday life. - They are suitable for any weather and any season. Match culottes and jumpsuits with many accessories. In summer our pants ensure an airy feeling, in winter you can complete the outfit with a cosy wrap, sweater or a shawl. - Comfortable, pleasant to wear: Our jumpsuits and pants are elegantly and flowingly cut, giving you a lively feeling like a lightweight dress made of tulle, but offering all the advantages of trousers, such as easy dressing and undressing.
      A bridal pantsuit can provide more comfort and is often easier to use. It can also be a stylish and modern alternative for brides who don't feel comfortable in a traditional wedding dress.
      No, the pantsuit can come in any color that the bride prefers. Although white and ivory are traditional wedding colors, many modern brides are opting for other colors or even patterns.
      The best option is to have yourself measured professionally. Many bridal boutiques offer this service. Some brides also opt for tailored suits to ensure the perfect fit.
      That depends on the season and personal taste. Silk and satin are luxurious options, while linen and lighter wools are good for summer weddings. A flowing fabric like chiffon gives the trouser legs a beautiful silhouette. Crepe is suitable if you want a firmer fit.
      There are many options including specialist bridal shops, online stores and designer boutiques. At noni we offer you individual bridal trouser suits that you can put together according to your own taste using the mix & match principle: with a bridal top and chic trousers you can easily conjure up your personal dream look. You can also create a unique bridal outfit with our jumpsuits. Bridal trouser suits are available for your personal consultation in the noni showroom, in the noni online shop as well as a selection of heavily discounted items in our noni bridal fashion outlet.
      Our trousers and bridal jumpsuits are deliberately cut in a clean style and are available in classic ivory, so you can go for eye-catching [bridal shoes]( in metallic shades, with glitter appliqués or contrasting embellishments.
      The simpler the wardrobe, the more sophisticated the [bridal accessories]( can be.

 Waist belts in contrasting colours, rhinestones or pearls, eye-catching necklaces and back chains, a pretty, colourful flower wreath, a sparkling tiara or an extra-wide statement hairband complement the modern look.
      Surely most people are used to seeing a long white dress with a train and [veil]( in church, but more and more brides are daring to walk confidently down the aisle in trousers, suits or even jumpsuits. If you don't want to show too much skin, you'll find a variety of accessories at noni to transform the jumpsuit into something suitable for church: long, elegant stoles, a sophisticated [shoulder wrap, bridal sweaters, jackets, boleros]( and pretty [bridal lace toppers](

      Rising popularity: Bridal Pantsuits

      The increasing popularity of bridal pantsuits can be attributed to several factors:

      • Versatility: Bridal pant suits offer great versatility. They can be customized depending on the style and material for different types of weddings, from formal events to relaxed beach weddings.
      • Comfort: Compared to traditional wedding dresses, pant suits are often more comfortable. This is especially important in situations where the bride needs to be active throughout the day.
      • Individuality: Many modern brides are looking for ways to express their individuality and personality in their wedding attire. Pantsuits offer an alternative to the traditional dresses and allow brides to show off their own style.
      • Practicality: Bridal pant suits are often more practical. Brides can move freely without worrying about the wedding dress, which often gets in the way while walking or dancing. A pants suit is also usually lighter than a long skirt with several layers of fabric or a train.
      • Modernity: The idea of a bride in a pantsuit is a modern statement. Many brides are looking for contemporary and trendy options for their wedding outfit.
      • Equality: At a time when equality and gender diversity are becoming increasingly important, some brides are consciously choosing a pantsuit to challenge gender stereotypes and express their own values.
      • Cultural change: Attitudes towards weddings and wedding attire are changing. In many cultures, the idea of a traditional bride is becoming increasingly relaxed, resulting in more freedom in clothing choices.
      • Celebrity role models: Celebrities and influencers who wear bridal pantsuits have helped popularize this choice among the public.

      Overall, the increasing popularity of bridal pantsuits reflects the desire of many brides to create a wedding that reflects their individual preferences and values, rather than following traditional norms. This has led to bridal fashion becoming more diverse and inclusive.

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      Multiple wedding dresses for church and registry office?

      When purchasing a bridal pantsuit, there are a few important things to consider to ensure you find the perfect outfit for your wedding.

      • Set a budget: Set a budget for your bridal pantsuit. How much do you want to spend? Consider not only the price of the suit, but also any costs for alterations and accessories.
      • Start early: Start looking for your bridal pantsuit early, preferably several months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to explore different styles and options.
      • Style and design: Think about what style and design you want. Bridal pant suits are available in different cuts, colors and materials. Think about your personal style, the wedding location and the wedding theme.
      • Try on: Try on different pantsuits to find out which cut and design best suits your figure. Note that you may need to have adjustments made to ensure the perfect fit.
      • Accessories: Think about the accessories you want to wear with the pants suit. This can include shoes, jewelry, a veil, a flower in your hair, or other details. Make sure the accessories match the overall look.
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      • Material and Season: Consider the material of the pantsuit in relation to the season of your wedding. Lightweight fabrics like silk are suitable for warm months, while heavy fabrics like wool are better for colder seasons.
      • Changes and adjustments: Plan time and budget for any changes. A well-fitting pants suit is crucial.
      • Comfort: Pay attention to comfort. You'll be wearing the pantsuit all day, so make sure it's comfortable and allows you enough room to move.
      • Care and cleaning: Ask about the care instructions for the pants suit. Some materials require special care, and you want to make sure it stays in perfect condition.
      • Return policy and guarantee: Find out about the return policy and any guarantees of the store where you buy the pants suit if you experience any problems after purchase.
      • Personal expression: Remember that your bridal pantsuit is a way to express your personal style and uniqueness. Don't let expectations or traditions limit you.
      • Accompaniment: It can be helpful to take someone with you to help you make decisions and try on clothes, such as a close friend or family member.

      By taking these considerations into account and proceeding carefully, you can ensure that your bridal pantsuit fits you and your wedding perfectly.

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      When should I start looking for my bridal pantsuit?

      The ideal time to purchase a bridal pantsuit depends on several factors, including your wedding planning and personal preferences.

      • Lead time: Start looking for your pants suit early, preferably 6 to 9 months before your wedding date. This gives you enough time to explore different options, make adjustments, and ensure you get the outfit you want on time.
      • Wedding season: Most weddings take place during the spring and summer months. If your wedding is planned during these popular times of year, you may want to start your search even earlier as bridal shops may be busy during these times.
      • Wedding location: The location of your wedding can influence your choice of pants suit. If you're planning a summer beach wedding, you may need a lighter, breezier fabric. For a winter wedding in a colder region, a warmer pants suit might be necessary.
      • Seasonal sales: A good time to grab a bargain is at the end of the bridal season, when bridal shops often offer end-of-season sales and discounts. If you're willing to browse the sales, you could save money.
      • Adjustment time: Keep in mind that you may need to allow time for adjustments after purchasing your bridal pantsuit. This can take a few weeks. Make sure you allow enough time for these fittings and fittings.
      • Personal schedule: Also take your personal schedule into account. If you need a lot of time for wedding preparations or are very busy at work, it can be helpful to buy your bridal pantsuit earlier to avoid stress and time pressure.
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      Which accessories go best with my bridal pantsuit?

      Choosing accessories for your bridal pantsuit can help complete your look and reflect your personality and the style of your wedding.

      • Veil or hair accessories: If you want to add a feminine touch, you can wear a veil or hair accessories such as flowers or hair combs.
      • Bridal jewellery: Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are a great way to personalize your look. You can choose classic pearl jewelry, sparkling diamonds or modern jewellery.
      • Belt or waist belt: A belt can add definition and shape to your pantsuit. You can choose a belt with sparkling details or floral appliqués.
      • Clutch or handbag: You will probably need a bag to carry some important things with you on your wedding day. An elegant clutch or handbag can complement your look and serve you well at the same time.
      • Jacket or bolero: Depending on the season and temperature, you can wear a suitable jacket, bolero or stole. These can not only provide warmth but also add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Capes are also an often-stylish choice.
      • Hat or fascinator: A stylish hat or fascinator can be a bold and fashion statement for pantsuit-wearing brides.
      • Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers can also be a nice addition for brides in pants suits. It should match the colours and style of your wedding.
      • Gloves: Long or short gloves can add elegance to your look, especially at formal weddings.

      Remember that sometimes less is more. Don't overdo it with too many accessories as they can distract from your pantsuit. Choose accessories that give your look a personal touch.

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      Registry office suits & pants

      Not every woman feels comfortable in a dress, be it in everyday life or especially on the big day. Many brides are looking for an alternative to a wedding dress or bridal skirt, especially for their wedding.

      Perfect for the registry office are trousers that you can combine with a top and - depending on your taste - with a blazer to create a stylish trouser suit. Whether with a patterned lace top, a modern bridal sweater or a crepe top, with a back neckline, off-shoulder or sweeping flounced sleeves, with puristic trousers you can create a feminine and casual look to surprise everyone with an individual outfit .

      Jumpsuits for weddings are also becoming increasingly popular. With deep back cutouts or wide swinging trouser legs, the chic one-piece suits give you a feminine and elegant look that is in no way inferior to outfits with classic skirts or dresses.

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      Find the right pair of shoes

      Wedding shoes should not only be comfortable, but also match your style and the overall concept of your wedding.

      • Pumps: Pumps are a classic and elegant choice. They go well with almost any trouser suit and add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your look.
      • Ankle boots: Ankle boots are a modern and trendy choice. They are particularly suitable for autumn or winter weddings and give your look a certain casualness.
      • Flat shoes: If you prefer comfort or are planning a relaxed outdoor wedding, flat shoes like ballet flats or loafers can be a good choice.
      • Sneakers: Sneakers are a bold and modern choice that will add a touch of casual to your bridal pantsuit. They are particularly popular for informal or beach weddings.
      • Sandals: Sandals are a great choice for summer weddings and can add lightness and freshness to your look.
      • Wedge heels: Wedge heels are a comfortable option that provide some height without sacrificing comfort.
      • Pointed shoes: If your pantsuit has a slim, elegant cut, pointed shoes can complement your look and elongate your legs.
      • Coloured Shoes: If you want to add a personal touch to your look, you can choose colored shoes that match or contrast with your wedding colour scheme.

      When choosing your bridal shoes, keep comfort in mind as you will be wearing them throughout the entire wedding day. It's also a good idea to break in the shoes before the wedding to avoid blisters and discomfort.

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      Does noni also offer bridal pantsuits?

      At noni we offer you individual bridal trouser suits that you can combine with each other according to your own taste using the mix & match principle: with one of our charming bridal tops and chic trousers you can easily conjure up your personal dream look. You can also create a unique outfit with our jumpsuits. Bridal trouser suits are available for your personal consultation in the noni showroom, in the noni online shop as well as a selection of heavily discounted items in our noni bridal fashion outlet.

      Our nonibrides' wedding looks

      Discover a selection of individual looks from our noni brides in trousers. Feminine, elegant, yet very casual, voilà:

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