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The fact that trousers, a suit or a Jumpsuit are less festive and feminine for the bride than a traditional wedding dress is an old prejudice.

At noni you will find trouser skirts and Jumpsuits that prove that you will shine stylish and elegant at your wedding. Deliberately puristic in cut and Design, our bridal trousers and Bridal Overalls impress with small refined Details. Thanks to their minimalist style, they can also be combined well with lace tops, Boleros and jackets to create an individual Look.

If you get married in a bridal jumpsuit or bridal pants in combination with a chic top or body instead of a traditional wedding dress, you have more advantages than you think:

You can still wear jumpsuits and pants on many occasions after the wedding, be it for other festive occasions or as a stylish upgrade in everyday life.

They suit any weather and any season - you can combine pant skirts and overalls with many accessories, in summer our pants offer you airy comfort, in winter you can round off your outfit with a cozy bolero, sweater or stole.

Comfortable, pleasant to wear: our jumpsuits and pants are elegant and flowing, give you a lively feeling like a fragrant tulle dress, but offer all the advantages of pants, such as easy on and off.

Our trousers and bridal overalls are deliberately purist cut and available in classic Ivory, so you can rely on eye-catching models for footwear. Especially beautiful to white and ivory shoes in metallic tones, also glitter applications or original embellishments immediately catch the eye due to the contrast.

For bridal jumpsuits and bridal trousers, the simpler the wardrobe is cut, the more refined the accessories may be.

Waist belt in contrasting shades, made of rhinestones or pearls, eye-catching neck and back chains, a pretty, colorful floral wreath, a sparkling tiara or an extra-wide statement maxi-hairband complete the super modern look stylishly.

Of course, the majority are used to seeing a long, white dress with a train and veil in the church, but more and more brides dare and confidently step in front of the wedding altar in trousers, pantsuits or Jumpsuits.

If you don't want to show too much skin, noni offers a variety of accessories that make the Jumpsuit church-appropriate: long, elegant stoles, a sophisticated shoulder loops, bridal sweaters, jackets, boleros and pretty bridal tops made of lace.

In a usually less formal ceremony such as at the registry office or the free wedding ceremony, you can of course also get married in Jumpsuit or trousers in combination with a bridal top.