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Different types of flowers and leaves are suitable for a bride of floral wreaws. Large rose blossoms, delicate hydrangeas, filigree veil or fresh eucalyptus leaves: your fantasy is not limited to your wedding wreaths for your wedding. Depending on the color and combination of the flowers and leaves, you can choose for a sparkling colorful or noble flower hair jewelry. This is how you give your bride look the very certain something.

When choosing the best material for your floral hair accessories, there are three options: fresh flowers, genuine preserved flowers or fabric flowers. If you want bright colours, fresh flowers are the best choice. Keep in mind, however, that the flowers and leaves wither after a while. As a result, the flower wreath does not look beautiful for so long and cannot be worn again after the wedding.

If you still dream of a very natural look, preserved flowers are the perfect alternative. The flowers are preserved in special procedures so that they retain their natural look but are imperishable. You will still enjoy your bride's hair wreath for a long time to come.

If you want to be on the safe side, fabric flowers in a natural look are best. A floral hair ornament made of fabric is more robust and can be worn later on other occasions.

A Bride Flower Crown is a beautiful accessory. It fits as well as any honeymoon and is therefore very easy but effective to style. Whether you want to wear your hair open or high, in romantic waves or classically smooth: The wedding wreath is simply laid out and immediately gives your honeymoon the wow effect. If you want, you can just stick the bride's flower wreath with some hair pins. This is also the case with wind, dancing or a stormy hug. You can also choose between flower wreaths with or without a band.

Flowers beautifully fits hair accessories to wedding dresses and two-pieces in the trendy boho style. Delicate lace with floral patterns or geometric designs is ideally complemented by a bridal hair wreath. Vintage floral wreaths also look beautiful in simple dresses and softly flowing fabrics. Here they provide a soft, feminine look and coloured contrasts. You can also combine a wedding flower wreath with both white and coloured wedding dresses. With us in the shop you will find many enchanting bridal outfits, tops and skirts, which can be wonderfully combined with a flower wreath.