Bridal Flower Wreaths


      Flower wreaths are a great accessory for every boho bride. Matching the bridal bouquet, the floral hair decoration is a beautiful, colourful detail for your look and underlines your connection to nature. 

      The flowers and leaves are made of textile materials or made durable in a special process so that you can enjoy the beautiful floral decoration for a long time and the wreath can survive your wedding celebration undamaged. The flower wreaths made of real blossoms, dried baby's breath or intense eucalyptus are special natural eye-catchers and not only suitable for summer weddings. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Bridal flower wreaths can be made from various types of flowers and leaves. Large rose petals, delicate hydrangeas, filigree baby's breath or fresh eucalyptus leaves: There are no limits! Depending on the colour and combination of flowers and leaves, you can choose a lively colourful or noble discreet flower hair decoration. This is how you give your bridal look that certain something.
      When it comes to choosing the best material for your flower hair accessories, there are three options: fresh flowers, preserved blossoms or fabric flowers. If you want bright colours, fresh flowers are the best choice. However, keep in mind that the blossoms and leaves will wither after a while. This means that the wreath won't look freshly beautiful for long and can not be worn after the wedding. If you dream of a very natural look, preserved flowers are the perfect alternative. The blossoms are preserved in special processes so that they retain their natural look without beginning to wither. Enjoy your bridal hair wreath for a long time even after the wedding. If you want to play it safe, fabric flowers in a natural look are the best choice. A hair decoration made of fabric is more robust and can also be worn for future occasions.
      A flower wreath is a beautiful accessory and complements any bridal hairstyle and is very easy to style. Whether you want to wear your hair open or pinned up, in romantic waves or classic straight: The wedding flower wreath immediately ensures a wow effect. Simply pin the bridal flower wreath with a few hair pins for a more secure feeling. You can also choose between flower wreaths with or without a ribbon.
      Floral hair accessories go particularly well with wedding dresses and two-piece suits in trendy boho style. Delicate lace with floral patterns or geometric designs is ideally complemented by a hair wreath. Vintage flower wreaths also look beautiful with simple dresses and soft flowing fabrics. Here they provide a soft, feminine look and colourful contrasts. You may also pair a flower wreath with both white and coloured wedding dresses. In our shop you will find many enchanting bridal outfits, tops and skirts that can be wonderfully matched with a flower wreath.