Bridal Flower Wreaths


      Flower wreaths are a great accessory for every boho bride. Matching the bridal bouquet, the floral hair decoration is a beautiful, colourful detail for your look and underlines your connection to nature. 

      The flowers and leaves are made of textile materials or made durable in a special process so that you can enjoy the beautiful floral decoration for a long time and the wreath can survive your wedding celebration undamaged. The flower wreaths made of real blossoms, dried baby's breath or intense eucalyptus are special natural eye-catchers and not only suitable for summer weddings. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Bridal flower wreaths can be made from various types of flowers and leaves. Large rose petals, delicate hydrangeas, filigree baby's breath or fresh eucalyptus leaves: There are no limits! Depending on the colour and combination of flowers and leaves, you can choose a lively colourful or noble discreet flower hair decoration. This is how you give your bridal look that certain something.
      When it comes to choosing the best material for your flower hair accessories, there are three options: fresh flowers, preserved blossoms or fabric flowers. If you want bright colours, fresh flowers are the best choice. However, keep in mind that the blossoms and leaves will wither after a while. This means that the wreath won't look freshly beautiful for long and can not be worn after the wedding. If you dream of a very natural look, preserved flowers are the perfect alternative. The blossoms are preserved in special processes so that they retain their natural look without beginning to wither. Enjoy your bridal hair wreath for a long time even after the wedding. If you want to play it safe, fabric flowers in a natural look are the best choice. A hair decoration made of fabric is more robust and can also be worn for future occasions.
      A flower wreath is a beautiful accessory and complements any bridal hairstyle and is very easy to style. Whether you want to wear your hair open or pinned up, in romantic waves or classic straight: The wedding flower wreath immediately ensures a wow effect. Simply pin the bridal flower wreath with a few hair pins for a more secure feeling. You can also choose between flower wreaths with or without a ribbon.
      Floral hair accessories go particularly well with wedding dresses and two-piece suits in trendy boho style. Delicate lace with floral patterns or geometric designs is ideally complemented by a hair wreath. Vintage flower wreaths also look beautiful with simple dresses and soft flowing fabrics. Here they provide a soft, feminine look and colourful contrasts. You may also pair a flower wreath with both white and coloured wedding dresses. In our shop you will find many enchanting bridal outfits, tops and skirts that can be wonderfully matched with a flower wreath.

      Floral wreaths for your wedding

      Veils have a long history and symbolic meaning in many cultures and traditions, especially at weddings.

      1. Beauty and Purity: The bridal veil was traditionally used to symbolize the purity and innocence of the bride. It was seen as a kind of protective layer, protecting the bride from evil spirits or prying eyes until she was officially married to her spouse.

      2. Facial veiling: In some cultures, the bridal veil was also used to obscure the bride's face until the moment of marriage. This could be seen as a sign of humility or a symbolic gesture that the bride is now changing her status and stepping into the role of a wife.

      3. Romance and tradition: The bridal veil also has romantic and traditional meaning. Many brides choose a veil to enhance the feeling of romance and elegance associated with a wedding. The moment the groom lifts his veil to see his bride's face is often an emotional highlight of the ceremony.

      4. Symbol of Marriage: The bridal veil can also be seen as a symbol of the unity and bond between the bride and groom. When the groom lifts his bride's veil, it often symbolizes the moment when the two partners officially come together and begin their marriage.

      5. Fashion and Style: Aside from its symbolic meaning, the bridal veil is often worn for aesthetic reasons. It completes the bridal outfit and adds an extra layer of beauty and elegance.

      In this day and age, many brides still choose a veil as part of their wedding ensemble, whether for traditional, symbolic or purely aesthetic reasons.

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      Which hair styles go best with floral wreaths?

      A flower wreath can match different hairstyles, depending on the bride's personal style and the overall look desired. Here are some hairstyles that a flower wreath can go well with:

      Loose Waves or Beach Waves: Loose waves or beach waves are a popular choice for wedding hairstyles as they give a relaxed and romantic look. A floral wreath can accentuate the casual elegance of this hairstyle by placing it around the top part of the head.

      Braided Hairstyles: Braided hairstyles, such as braids or braids, provide a beautiful base for placing a floral wreath. The wreath can be placed along the braid to create a dreamy and fairytale look.
      Loose updos: Loose updos, where the hair is gently pinned up with some strands falling loose, are an elegant choice for a wedding look. A flower crown can be placed either around the entire updo or just around the top part of the head.

      Half-up hairstyles: Half-down hairstyles, where the hair is partially pinned up and the rest of the hair is left loose, is a romantic option for a wedding hairstyle. A flower wreath can decorate the area around the upper part of the head and emphasize the natural beauty of the hair.

      Updos with a Low Bun or Bun: A low bun or bun is an elegant and timeless hairstyle choice for brides. A floral wreath can be placed around the bun or bun to add a touch of color and freshness.

      A flower wreath will suit almost any hairstyle as long as it is placed and sized appropriately to fit the overall appearance. It is important to discuss the hairstyle and floral wreath in advance with a professional hairdresser and florist to ensure they go well together and achieve the desired look.

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      Which wedding dresses go best with floral wreaths?

      Flower crowns can match a variety of wedding dresses, depending on the aesthetic of the dress and the bride's personal style. Here are some types of wedding dresses that floral crowns can go well with:

      Boho or Vintage-Inspired Dresses: Floral wreaths are a perfect complement to boho or vintage-inspired wedding dresses. These dresses are often loose-fitting, have romantic details such as lace or floral appliqués and go well with a natural and unconventional accessory such as a floral wreath.

      Beach or Garden Wedding Dresses: For outdoor weddings, such as beach weddings or garden weddings, floral wreaths fit perfectly with the relaxed and natural ambience. They add a touch of freshness and romance and complement the natural beauty of the surroundings.

      More Casual or Informal Dresses: For brides looking for a more casual or informal wedding look, floral crowns can be a great option. They add a relaxed and casual touch to the outfit and are perfect for intimate or outdoor weddings.

      Simple and minimalist dresses: Even with simple and minimalist wedding dresses, floral wreaths can be a beautiful addition. They add a touch of color and texture, giving the look a subtle yet appealing touch.

      Romantic or playful dresses: Wedding dresses with romantic details such as delicate lace, bows or ruffles can harmonize well with a floral wreath. The wreath enhances the fairytale and playful element of the dress and gives the bride an enchanting look.

      Bespoke or Custom Gowns: For brides wearing a bespoke or custom wedding dress, a floral wreath can be a beautiful way to personalize the outfit and add a unique touch.

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