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      At noni you will find a large selection of bridal shoes: from puristic modern to romantic and playful, to vintage or trendy boho style, there is a shoe for every bride.

      Besides classic pumps we carry flat bridal sandals and ballerinas, vegan bridal shoes, the wonderful wedding shoes by Rachel Simpson Shoes, the models with interchangeable heels by mime et moi, the popular bridal shoes by Rainbow Club Shoes and finally also the enchanting bridal shoes by Bella Belle Shoes from the USA, which you can buy online.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Bridal shoes are your companion on your big day - whether you are walking down the aisle or at the party afterwards. Besides the classic bridal shoes, there are many other types of shoes that you can wear at your wedding. From flat [**Ballerinas**](**,** [**Sneakers**]( and [**Sandals**]( to sexy [**Peeptoes**]( and [**Pumps**]( to playful [**Sandals**](**,** [**Wedges with wedge heel**]( or [**Anklets**]( We have the bridal shoes in different colors and variations, perfect for your noni dress.
      The top rule (not just in autumn or winter) when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes: the shoe is based on the dress, not the other way around. At your wedding it depends of course mainly on your personal taste and it is especially important that you feel comfortable. If you value comfort, flat sandals, ballerinas or sporty sneakers are ideal. If you want to shine with a classic look, elegant pumps and peep toes are just right for you. Are you getting married in the summer? Then cute bridal wedges or sandals could suit your look. For example, the most beautiful bridal shoes with artistic decorations or glamorous designs are only partially visible under floor-length dresses and often disappear under long panels of tulle, chiffon or silk. In order to allow the shoes to make their grand appearance, midi-length skirts or dresses with integrated leg slits are ideal. Trust your feeling: Is the bridal shoe comfortable, looks good and makes your look something very special that suits you?
      **Please note: All items must be returned to us in perfect condition, including all original packaging, and shoes must have the protective plastic film on both soles.** Of course you can return all items of your order free of charge at the noni online shop. Of you are not sure about a size or a model, you can obviously order several models. When you try on the shoes you ordered at home please consider: Only try on the shoes on a carpet! Wooden or stone floors can easily scratch the noble soles. If you do not have a carpet at home you can use a blanket or a towel to try on the shoes. Please repack the shoes carefully and make sure that the heel of one shoe does not press on the leather of the other one. Depending on the manufacturer there might be a thin protective plastic film on the sole of your shoe. This film protects the sole only from light stress when trying on the shoes on a carpet. If you have chosen the right shoe for you can remove the film. Usually you can find the end of the foil at the heel of your shoe and can easily remove it -- but only if you are sure that you want to keep the shoe! Please use the shipping box that your order was delivered in or another sturdy box for the return. Do not use the shoe box itself as the shipping box!
      A gentle care and cleaning is recommended for bridal shoes. Before wearing them, you can spray them with a waterproofing spray to protect them from dirt and rain. In the closet, you can stuff them with a stretcher or paper to keep their shape. To clean them, use a soft sponge with mild mild detergent or shampoo and a little water.
      Glitter, pearls, satin, stiletto heels, lace decoration, rhinestones or floral elements made of chiffon or silk - the current bridal shoe models leave nothing to be desired if you as a bride want a stylish shoe. High-quality workmanship, the best wearing comfort and an optimal fit are not mutually exclusive even with glamorous and elaborately designed shoes, and so you can also choose elegant and luxurious models for a winter wedding. Depending on the type of wedding ceremony, reception and wedding party in the evening, eye-catching bridal shoes are a good option for changing - many brides often have more than one pair of shoes with them so that they can change comfortably and flexibly - from formal to sensual to casual-elegant and vice versa. In the noni webshop, we offer you a diverse selection of bridal shoes from carefully selected suppliers for every taste and every season.
      Feel free to choose shoes that reflect the concept of your fall or winter wedding. Bridal shoes with golden details that capture the special magic of this season or spice up the gray winter with sparkling or colorful accents - no matter what model it is. Open shoes such as sandals are not an option for many brides, especially in the less comfortable seasons. Pumps in many variations, as sling-backs, with a pointed toe cap, T-straps or even closed ballerinas are a nice alternative to peep toes. Whether in classic wedding white, ivory or delicate blush tones - here too, whatever you like and best suits the wedding dress is allowed. Ankle boots, i.e. shoes with a short shaft and usually with a heel, are perfect for autumn and winter. They are available in many stylish versions and colors, making them the ideal bridal shoe in autumn or winter. In cream tones, ivory or in shiny metallic tones as an extra eye-catcher, you can easily pair them with wedding dresses, skirts and wedding scenes. Even sneakers for weddings are no longer a no-go. Urban and modern brides who love something unusual are increasingly turning to sneakers instead of classic pumps. Bridal sneakers offer many advantages: they are flat, comfortable, the sole is non-slip in most cases, even in slippery winter conditions. They also give your look an unconventional touch. Don't be afraid of contrasts: even a sporty shoe can easily be worn with a floral, romantic wedding dress - it turns the outfit into an original and individual event!
      Bridal shoes
      The perfect addition to your wedding look
      You are planning your big day and have found the perfect wedding dress. But one crucial element is still missing to complete your look - the bridal shoes. Bridal shoes complement the overall style of your outfit and underline the personality of the bride. When choosing the right bridal shoe, consider both the wedding style and the theme. Whether a classic or casual atmosphere during the wedding celebration, combined with a boho or vintage dress - there is the perfect bridal shoe for every taste and occasion.
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      Fit and materials
      The right shoe size for your big day
      In addition to the style, the fit and comfort of the bridal shoes is of great importance. After all, the shoes should carry you relaxed through your wedding day. When choosing your pumps, flats or high heels, bear in mind that your feet can swell due to a shoe model that is too tight or small and standing for a long time, so it is better to choose a shoe size that gives your toes enough space.
      In addition, high-quality materials such as real leather, satin, silk or artificial leather play a role in the longevity and breathability of your bridal shoes. Pay particular attention to the workmanship by checking the seams, bonding and the connection between the sole and upper material. Go for shoe brands or manufacturers with a reputation for quality.
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      Heel height and stability of your bridal shoes

      The right heel height is a matter of personal preference and comfort level. Consider aesthetics and convenience in equal measure here. A 10 cm high heeled stiletto pump for a wedding dress is not the right choice for every bride - as beautiful as it looks on the foot. For all-day use and if you are not used to wearing heels, choose wider heels or flat bridal shoes for optimal comfort. Also think about the underground and the wedding location in order to make the right choice of heels. In general, flat shoe models are probably the most comfortable option. As an experienced wearer, you will probably have to make a few compromises in terms of comfort if you decide on a 10 cm high bridal shoe with a pointed toe. The currently very trendy, pointed shoe models are particularly glamorous, but certainly not suitable for every foot shape. Brides with a rather wide foot prefer a bridal shoe with a rounded toe, a peep-toe made of soft leather or an open sandal.
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      The right color of the bridal shoe for the bridal outfit

      Choosing the right shoe color is important to perfectly match the bridal outfit. White is not always the same as white. The direct comparison with the fabric of your bridal dress will help you to choose the right bridal shoes and avoid bad purchases. Alternatively, coordinate the shade with your bridal accessories, such as a wreath of flowers or your bridal bag. Neutral colors such as nude or beige are also suitable as a color for a bridal shoe. Courageous brides choose eye-catching accent colors such as red or a metallically shimmering gold or silver to achieve special effects. Bridal shoes worn on a calf-length, short wedding dress or trousers are particularly the focus of attention. An extravagant choice of color influences your whole style.
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      Breaking in the bridal shoes

      To ensure that your bridal shoes do not cause any problems on the wedding day, it is important to break them in in good time. Wear the shoes regularly at home before the wedding to avoid blisters and discomfort. Nevertheless, have blister plasters or creams ready on the big day and if necessary have spare flat shoes with you for the wedding party.

      Embellishments and details: Small highlights for your bridal shoe

      Embellishments such as pearls, rhinestones, flowers or bows can make your bridal shoes something special. Make sure the embellishments complement the style of the wedding dress. Elaborately decorated pumps or high heels also go well with a simple wedding dress. Applied bows and pointed toe caps are currently in trend. But 3D flower decorations made of rhinestones and pearls are also ideal for a classic to extravagant bridal look and a stylish appearance in front of the altar.

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      Bridal shoes for every occasion

      Match the shoe choice to the wedding date and venue. Consider the local weather and underground conditions. Non-slip soles on smooth floors prevent unwanted slipping. In rainy weather or for use at autumn or winter weddings, we recommend closed bridal shoes, boots or boots. Also note that narrow heels sink easily into uneven or sandy surfaces. Wide block heels are the right choice here.

      Proper care and storage of bridal shoes

      Be sure to properly care for and clean your bridal shoes to maintain their shine. Use cloth bags or shoeboxes for proper storage in a dry and well-ventilated area. It is best to clean the sensitive bridal shoes with a soft sponge and a lye solution made from mild or wool detergent or shampoo. First, you should rub the entire shoe with a damp cloth so that no unsightly stains form. Suede in particular is very sensitive here. Then you carefully work on the stains with a soft sponge.
      How can I avoid blisters and pain when wearing the bridal shoes?
      Wearing new and unfamiliar shoes can quickly lead to blisters and pain and spoil the big day. But don't worry, we have some tips for you on how to avoid blisters and pain when wearing your bridal shoes and to enjoy the wedding celebration to the fullest: Breaking in the bridal shoes: Start breaking in your bridal shoes early. Wear them regularly for short periods at home a few weeks before the wedding to get your feet used to the shoes and avoid possible pressure points. Appropriate shoe size: Make sure you have the correct shoe size. The matching bridal shoes should be neither too tight nor too loose. Padding and inserts: Use additional soft padding or gel inserts to reduce pressure points and increase comfort. Alternate Shoes: Plan ahead and bring a comfortable pair of alternate shoes, such as flats, flat sandals, or sneakers, to the wedding. No experiments: Do not wear completely new shoes on your wedding day that you have not previously broken in. Foot care: Pamper your feet with regular care before the wedding. A footbath, a gentle massage and trimming the toenails contribute to a comfortable fit. Comfortable heel height: Choose a heel height that you feel comfortable with and that you are used to. Heels that are too high can quickly lead to pain. Breathable Materials: Look for breathable materials like genuine leather or other natural fibers that allow your feet to breathe and reduce perspiration.