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      At noni you will find a large selection of bridal shoes: from puristic modern to romantic and playful, to vintage or trendy boho style, there is a shoe for every bride.

      Besides classic pumps we carry flat bridal sandals and ballerinas, vegan bridal shoes, the wonderful wedding shoes by Rachel Simpson Shoes, the models with interchangeable heels by mime et moi, the popular bridal shoes by Rainbow Club Shoes and finally also the enchanting bridal shoes by Bella Belle Shoes from the USA, which you can buy online.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Bridal shoes are your companion on your big day - whether you are walking down the aisle or at the party afterwards. Besides the classic bridal shoes, there are many other types of shoes that you can wear at your wedding. From flat [**Ballerinas**](**,** [**Sneakers**]( and [**Sandals**]( to sexy [**Peeptoes**]( and [**Pumps**]( to playful [**Sandals**](**,** [**Wedges with wedge heel**]( or [**Anklets**]( We have the bridal shoes in different colors and variations, perfect for your noni dress.
      At your wedding it depends of course mainly on your personal taste and it is especially important that you feel comfortable. If you value comfort, flat sandals, ballerinas or sporty sneakers are ideal. If you want to shine with a classic look, elegant pumps and peep toes are just right for you. Are you getting married in the summer? Then cute bridal wedges or sandals could suit your look.
      **Please note: All items must be returned to us in perfect condition, including all original packaging, and shoes must have the protective plastic film on both soles.** Of course you can return all items of your order free of charge at the noni online shop. Of you are not sure about a size or a model, you can obviously order several models. When you try on the shoes you ordered at home please consider: Only try on the shoes on a carpet! Wooden or stone floors can easily scratch the noble soles. If you do not have a carpet at home you can use a blanket or a towel to try on the shoes. Please repack the shoes carefully and make sure that the heel of one shoe does not press on the leather of the other one. Depending on the manufacturer there might be a thin protective plastic film on the sole of your shoe. This film protects the sole only from light stress when trying on the shoes on a carpet. If you have chosen the right shoe for you can remove the film. Usually you can find the end of the foil at the heel of your shoe and can easily remove it -- but only if you are sure that you want to keep the shoe! Please use the shipping box that your order was delivered in or another sturdy box for the return. Do not use the shoe box itself as the shipping box!
      A gentle care and cleaning is recommended for bridal shoes. Before wearing them, you can spray them with a waterproofing spray to protect them from dirt and rain. In the closet, you can stuff them with a stretcher or paper to keep their shape. To clean them, use a soft sponge with mild mild detergent or shampoo and a little water.